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  1. Did you make any changes to your kernel or did you patch it in any way?
  2. The settings are as you suggested....still have problems though. I can't pin-point what may be causing this 'erratic' behaviour on these browsers. The weird thing is the Windwos version of FireFox works just great.
  3. Hmm..well, that worked only for Slashdot.org
  4. I found it!!! dang...it was the security settings on Mozilla...loading pictures. Apparently a FireFox setting was preventing me from downloading pictures (ads) that are loaded not from the original web site. Now I can browse Linux.com, Slashdot.org, etc, etc....
  5. I've done all that, I have the same name servers on my Mandrake box as the ones I have in my Windows box. No proxy either, the weird thing is just certain sites. I just don't understand what does slashdot.org and linux.com would have that won't load on my browser.
  6. Mandrake 10 and using latest mozilla, konqueror and firefox 1.0. I'm able to browse many websites; however, there are several (well quite a few) that will refuse to load on any browser I use. Websites such as www.slashdot.org, www.linux.com, www.ebay.com and many others will never load on any of my browsers. I've removed cache folders; I've removed re-installed firefox on clean directories and nada. As I said, I can access many many websites (including this one :) ), but I can't get those sites to ever come up. I wanted to add that If I boot to my Windows computer - this problem doesn't exist. Any ideas?
  7. I found it, I had to modifgy the /etc/skel directory and create Maildir/ directory there. I'll mark the thread solved - Artificial Intelligence
  8. Here's something I can't figure out yet. I'd like to change my system so that anytime I create a new user, in my Mandrake 10 box, a folder Maildir/ gets created in the new user's home directory structure. This is mainly because I just got a copy of Qmail working properly and I'd like to use the Maildir/ option. Thanks.
  9. I have something weird happening on my system, Mandrake 10 with Gnome 2.4. For some reason I can't browse sites such as: ebay.com, slashdot.org, linux.com, etc, etc. My browsers, firefox, mozilla, konkeror, etc, etc...keep on 'loading' something endlessly. My question is, am I missing something on my system, maybe Java? By the way, does Mandrake come with a JAVA RPM? I can't seem to find it installaed on my system, well..I don't really know the name of the RPM. Thanks.
  10. Hmm...can't find that option you're talking about..I'm using Gnome 2.4 (which comes with Mandrake 10).
  11. Oohh, thanks for the tip...I was wondering if I could do that, but never actually got to use the ln command.
  12. I just finished reading all the messages on that thread.... It's gonna take a few months before any RPMs come out for Mandrake 10
  13. Anyone knows a site to DL the Gnome 2.8 RPMs for Mandrake 10? Thanks :)
  14. My setup is Mandrake 10 and I'm running Gnome 2.4 1. What application do you guys recommend to browse a Windows network. I came across Gnomba, but I don't know if this project is still being developed/supported. 2. I'm running Evolution as my mail client (the version that came with Mandrake 10 CDs) - is there a way to allow Evolution to log on to an MS Exchange server? 3. On my current HD hard drive, I have an NTFS partition which I can browse to it if I use Nautilus and go to /mnt/windows, etc, etc. I've been trying to create an icon, on my desktop, that will allow me to get to this partition without having to browse to it, but for some reason it can't get it to work properly. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks.
  15. n00blar

    system specs

    I would really suggest adding more RAM and maybe a bigger hard drive. 8 Gigs will be good for a very basic system; I don't know if you'll be able to load any 'big' third party applications from your installation CDs.
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