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  1. Mine's a crop from a cuban painting. I'm not cuban, but loved the expresion on his face and it's also colorful but not too much.
  2. A childish yellow star on a light blue background. Silly. I believe we need something with more character, but if Mandrake wants to keep it, we definitely need a new star and other colors. Is there I way I can change the logo on my start button?
  3. I was sweating bullets trying my make my tv card work in KDE, and just couldn't. Days later, I loaded Gnome just to start feeling comfortable with it, then remember the TV card, and gave it a try. And worked! It now works in both KDE and Gnome. I still can't get sound, but that's another story...
  4. My broadband router is an Edimax BR-6104K. My cable modem is a Motorola, but don't remember the model (I'm at work right now). http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=407
  5. I just bought a broadband router (a cheapie I don't doubt was made in China or something), that has firewall capabilites built-in, but some of the options mean nothing to me, and the manual sucks big time. Not only that, but it seems to assume that one knows what ports any application uses, which I don't. I want to turn the firewall on, but want to make sure I and my roomate can play online (games like LSN, America's Army, Serious Sam, etc). How do you have yours configured? Any help/info/tips would be greatly appreciated. Your friend, Greg.
  6. Maybe they screwed up and are readying a 10.1.1. :o
  7. I'd like to become a member too, but don't have a credit card. :huh:
  8. I'm also new to Linux. I'm using MDK 10, but also tried installing BSD just for kicks, but couldn't. Even though I dual boot to XP (for games, what else?), I try to use it as least as possible. And I didn't pay for it anyways. :D I used MDK 8 and 9 in the past, but just for about a month or so each. Ditched them because they couldn't detect my scanner, printer, webcam, etc. So, what made me decide to jump ship and embrace Linux permanently? I remember the days when one could live with your house's front door open, and not fear a stranger; when you could leave you car's windows down and not fear someone stealing your walkman. I miss peace of mind at home. And I want the same peace of mind when using my computer. I'll get broadband next week, saw it coming for weeks, and decided I wanted the same peace of mind we had a few years back: No fear of viruses, spyware, or strangers sticking their heads inside my computer. I want stability, and if there is to be any instalibilty, I want it only because I screw up when installing/tweaking something. I wish I knew programming. I'd be helping a distro or open source development. In essense, welcome. And hi to all.
  9. Why are you installing 2.6 when 2.8 is out? Why don't you try 2.8 instead?
  10. Can anyone tell me what little program/utility is used in this screenshot to show the weather forecast? I want it, or something similiar, for my MDK 10.0. Thank guys. My Webpage
  11. That happened to me when installing 9.0, so I'm pretty sure it's the same thing: A badly burned CD. As was said before, try burning it using a slower speed and check your media is up to it, and/or try different burning settings, like disk-at-once instead of track-at-once. Hope you don't have to redownload the whole image... happened to me once, and was using a modem. :/
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