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  1. I installed Mandriva 2009 on a Brazilian version of Asus 1000, but I don't remember all steps. I found some information at: http://www.eeextra.com/linux/first-impressions-about-mandriva-20091-on-the-eeebox.html http://www.eeextra.com/linux/installing-mandriva-2009-on-the-eee-box.html http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=100478 Lots of alternatives at: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ I hope that helps. If I remember the specific steps that worked for me I will let you know. Paulo
  2. I have the same problem. The workaround suggested didn't work for me. Paulo
  3. Well, I solved my problem going to command line and using cdrecord. Thanks to all and a happy 2008. Paulo
  4. I am running Mandriva 2007. It seems that k3b 1.0.3 is only in Mandriva 2008.
  5. I downloadedthe ISO at a ext3 partition. I am burning ISO images. I read somewhere that k3b can't burn more than 4 Gb (my ISO has 4,3 Gb). In the K3B site, they say about k3b 1.0.4: * K3b now silently allows the burning of files bigger than 4 GB if an appropriate version of genisoimage or mkisofs is installed ("silently" means that I did not introduce any new messages) * I was not able to find the aweful "disabled DMA" bug but I introduced a little workaround which hopefully solves it for many of you (BTW: K3b from svn trunk does support DVD burning with cdrecord.) * Never use growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD-RW media in restricted overwrite mode (some drivesdo not like that) * Unmount medium before DVD formatting I tried to install version 1.0.4, but running ./configure, there is an error message: "checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!". But I don't know what I should do to "check my installation and add the correct paths"!
  6. Yes I guess so (Elgin DVD-R 8x) My K3B does not allow me to change speed. No Oooops... forgot that!
  7. I downloaded Mandriva Powerpack 2008 ISO DVD and I am trying to burn it on a DVD, using K3B 0.12.17 on KDE 3.5.4 and Mandriva 2007.0 Powerpack. It seems to write succesfuly, but when it check for errors, K3B always find an error when 90% done. Any hints? Paulo
  8. Crashdamage, Thank you very much. It worked! Cheers, Paulo
  9. I was using Mandriva 2007.0 with KDE. Then, I changed from KDM to GDM and I am not able anymore to go into graphical mode. I read an article with an explanation of how to change back to KDM in text mode, but it says that I have to make the environment variable DISPLAYMANAGER="kdm" in the file /etc/sysconfig/desktop, but I can't find that file under my /etc/sysconfig/. Any hints? Thanks Paulo
  10. Al of a sudden, my Synaptic worked (I don't know why), and I was so surprised that agreed to update everything. The problem is that the repository was configured for the Cooker distro. Do I have to reinstall 2006.0 from my CDs to get rid or Cooker? Thanks, Paulo
  11. I read several posts with similar problmes, but still don't know how to sove mine. I am usiing Mandriva 2006 and I am a newbie. My problem is that when I clicked on a .ram file, MPlayer tried to open it but was unsucesful. Then, I tried to change de file associations through the session configuration menu, associatiint .ram files with Real Player for linux. Now I receive a message "it was not possible to find the MIME type appplecation/octet-stream" every time I boot up or open any software. I tried to undo what I had done, but the problem continues. Any hints? Paulo
  12. paulopen


    Anyone can sugest some good webcams for Linux and how to install them? Paulo Penteado
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