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  1. Both android and ChromeOS (Google's OS offerings) are based on Linux. Are; essentially, in fact, Linux.
  2. I have OpenDNS working quite happily - I just set the DNS servers in my router to be the OpenDNS ones... Now my wifi equipment just uses those without having to tweak anything on my system...
  3. phunni

    Doom 4

    If they aree going in a DirectX direction it may have implications for a Linux port - it won't be as straightforward as an OpenGL jobbi...
  4. I have some video files broken up into .ts files and I want to, ultimately convert them into one avi file. I also have some video files with an extension of cxx where x is a pair of digits - 00, 01, 02 etc. At the moment, my thinking is that if I can convert them into a vob file then I can use dvd::rip/transcode to encode them to an avi - but I have no idea how to do that conversion. Alternatively, someone may have a better idea of how I might convert these files to avi...
  5. I'm a code monkey! I have the t-shirt to prove it ;) It can still be a good idea to run a virus scanner to help avoid passing them on...
  6. I'm flattered to be the only person you consider a 'buddy' ;)
  7. phunni

    Alsa drivers

    Try running jack and see if it makes a difference - the command will be something like jackd. You really want to be running jack anyway if you're looking to do any recording...
  8. phunni

    Alsa drivers

    I would absolutely love to get an RME set up with a decent card and a breakout box - but I could easily spend over a thousand that way. I can get an audiophile 192 for less than £50 - so I reckon that's the choice for now! When I'm a famous musician bringing in lots of money then I'll go with an RME setup...
  9. phunni

    Alsa drivers

    Funnily enough I'd pretty much already settled on the 192 - which was where I first noticed that several cards use the same driver... BTW - which arch package is the envy24control in? Is it just the alsa package?
  10. phunni

    Alsa drivers

    So I finally managed to turn our outhouse into my little recording studio. But my soundcard is rubbish (soundblaster live) - so I want to buy another one. I've been looking through the sound card matrix to see what is well supported and I notice that a large number of cards use exactly the same drivers. Especially the USB based ones which all seem, with a few exceptions, to use the same driver. Now that's all well and good, but different cards have different features and different AD/DA qualities - are the drivers flexible enough to be able to make use of those? I don't want to spend money on a soundcard expecting that I'll get 24bit/96khz quality and find out I only get 16bit/48khz... Despite the card being up to it...
  11. phunni

    Jack and Games

    I've spent the last couple of days getting most of my games installed - probably won't spend much time with them, but at least they're there if I want them... Anyway - I've discovered that sound doesn't work for games: RTCW & Duke 3D. RTCW I'm sure is simply because I've got jackd running and it's hopping /dev/dsp - at least as far as RTCW is concerned... So what I need to know is - is there any way of getting RTCW to either use jack for it's output or to being able to work around it? Also - can anyone shed any light on the Duke3D sound thing? It's not as simple as the jack issue...
  12. Tools > Configure Amorak > Collections All the db settings are in there. I've only ever run it with mysql so I don't know how much better it could be - although it does seem very fast...
  13. I also just ran the same command on my windows machine at work and got the same result... If you've got the jar file then just use that...
  14. I haven't looked at it in any depth but my immediate reaction is this isn't a problem with java or your java install at all - but with how the app startup is configured...
  15. It's actually a pretty straightforward process - tell us exactly what you've tried and what problems you're having and we can probably guide you through. My first piece of advice, thought, would be to ditch CVS for Subversion. That may not be appropriate in your case though - but it's better version management software imho...
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