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  1. Well, I have 2008.0 but the harddrake defaults to the Generic PS2 mouse, too. The weel does scroll the text, but ctrl+wheel (zooming) in Firefox and Openoffice doesn't work. That'e pretty annoying, actually, especially in OO Draw. There's no way to change the mouse type in MCC. I suspect that's a glitch of 2008, because my 2006 and the new RC2 do not have that problem. I tried copying 2006's mouse sections from xorg.conf, but that didn't help.
  2. Not sure which daemon is used to switch the frequencies, since I am using a desktop, but if that's cpufreqd, it may have a default setup with rule that truggers frequency boosting when plugged. Have a look at /etc/cpufreqd.conf , the file is pretty well commented.
  3. What about "make oldconfig" command? This will ask you about all new features that are not mentioned in the .config yet.
  4. ok, that's a relief that it works!
  5. Hi, laiback Like pmpatrick, i've copied kabc many times between users, also from 2006 to mandriva 2007 RC2. Just to be sure I transferred the contacts on my installation once again, and it works. I read the thread once again and noticed that you, according to what you wrote, have not copied .../.kde/share/apps/kabc but .../.kde/share/config/kabc . If that's not a typo you then should really make sure you copy the one in /apps/ . Otherwise, the std.vcf file in .../.kde/share/apps/kabc is your adressbook in vcf format. There are more files in that directory, and the one dated the latest is apparently the latest snapshot of your contacts, if it has reasonable file size. If you open that file from Konqueror, you will see the first contact, and, below it, the button "import all". That will indeed import all your contacts. Hope one or the other helps!
  6. Well, if you don't want to spend your time trying to figure out what's the matter, you can simply export the contacts of the old user an import them when logged in as the new one. Kontact can export pretty much everything, including photos, in the vcard format.
  7. o, thanks god they do something about "drivers". The x86_64 RC2, that I have, is not at all suitable for a release. My /var/log/messages is flooded with segfaults.
  8. ~/.kde/share/config/kabcrc is not important, it contains meta-data. The real addresses are in apps/kabc . The only thing that comes in mind why you are not seeing the contacts is that you have not set permissions on the new location and the directory kabc is not accessible by the new user. You should make sure the new user is the owner of the files. If your new user login is laiback and the primary group is laiback (that's what happens by default when you create user via MCC), then may want to execute the following as root chown laiback:laiback /home/laiback/.kde/share/apps/kabc -R This will change the ownership recursively. Perhaps you need to restart kontact, too, not sure.
  9. Hi, laiback, in Kontact, contacts are stored in kabc. So, you need to copy ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/ and ~/.kde/share/config/kabcrc
  10. uralmasha


    Hi, AussieJohn, winzip , 7-zip and power archiver on Windows can read tar.gz at the moment. I am not sure if there is a bundled Windows application to read archives, but your recipients can install one of those for free. That will make them 1 step closer to migration to Linux :)
  11. It looks a bit like a specific humor, and I am in an awkward position explaining "the point", but I did say "A", so here's my "B": the funny part here is that iTunes is an Apple's program that insists that you should be running Windows.
  12. Hey guys you don't get the point! This should be in talk-talk! :D
  13. uralmasha

    Can't ssh to MDK2007

    I experienced that in "higher" security mode I cannot SSH into the system. Have you checked /etc/hosts.deny file? The "higher" security level modifies it.
  14. Hi, carlito I believe, you are trying to get cron to execute the command "root", which does not exist. See for instance Wikipedia cron page for syntax and common errors while planning. On my box /var/log/messages shows what command exactly the cron daemon was trying to execute.
  15. Picasa, KPhotoAlbum (in cooker, presently kimdaba), digiKam can all export html-albums with thumbnails. I believe, for gnome-based applications it's the same. There is also JAlbum, a cross-platform java-based application specifically made for album generation. I like its interface and you can even get a QT-look in linux. If you want to use command-line, apart from convert/mogrify of ImageMagick there is also perl-based "album", that you can use. I haven't used it myself, but you see a lot of referemces to it on people's galleries. Apart from being cross-platform, both "album" and JAlbum support skins and come with plenty of them, so you can change the look and layout of your album in just seconds.
  16. hi, dexter11 without seeing your pic, picasa can do some nice pixel adjustments and clipping. A commercial package bibble can help you, too. Both have Linux version (picasa via wine but it is transparent to the user). I like both of them because you don't have to think about "levels" and "curves" but deal with terms that make sense for a non-pro photographer, like "fix contrast" .
  17. I believe, if you put #! /bin/sh at the beginning of your /home/urza9814/shtest.sh script, and make it executable with chmod a+x /home/urza9814/shtest.sh you can run it as-is, without having to type "/bin/sh" in front of it. If that doesn't work, make a wrapping executable say "myshtest" which contains "/bin/sh /home/urza9814/shtest.sh'", and put only "myshtest" in the sudo line. Having /bin/sh among passwordless sudo looks like a very bad idea. Edit: Neddie, you are faster:)
  18. In the current cooker layout the header files are in ../media_info instead of ./media_info, and their name has also changed from hdlist.cz to hdlist_[main|contrib].cz. So if you change the header file location from media_info/hdlist.cz to ../media_info/hdlist_main.cz , you'll get your "main " channel right. Change "main" to to "contrib" when you want the contrib source. There are also main_debug and contrib_debug packages which I believe are compiled with debuging symbols.
  19. Great topic, thank you! While reading the article and following links, I found here on mozillux an already modified nsFilePicker.js for those who don't feel like editing it.
  20. Well, I compared your httpd.conf with mine, and I found no difference but the hostname and www admin e-mail, and "it works for me". That means, toy have to check something else.
  21. please forgive me if that's a dumb question, but have you restarted apache after modifying the config file? I know many servers need to be SIGINTed or restarted, to apply changes to the config file.
  22. Ian, I get "cannot establish connection" to that site in firefox. That's prolly because I was going to utter some critics towards the article which, in my opinion, says in the body of itself that it is a useless piece of text. The only information you get from there is a list of distro's you can consider trying. Speedy patches and updates don't always mean "more secure". In fact, the safest distro is a dead distro, that doesn't boot at all :)
  23. All I can add -- "works for me" ;) including ripping, what I just checked.
  24. There is obviously a dependency missing in the PLF package. I don't know how it happens, but lib[64]k9copy is not installed/upgraded with the "k9copy" package. However, if you install that manually, at least the application does not crash at start. I cannot check right now if it rips the disks, too.
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