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  1. weird indeed you are sure windows detect the 1Gb (you did not test with 1 Gb + 256 MB and windows would have just worked on the 256 MB only?) you could try to boot with the mandy dvd and perform a reinstall (upgrade) this should do next to nothing and should redetect the 1 Gb only ram module in place Maybe there is a conflict with the swap size (unlikely) failing? can you be more precise, maybe nothing to do with the ram!
  2. OS version, wengo version? did you try to launch from a terminal to see error messages
  3. if gparted / cfdisk etc do not work, before getting the HD manufacturer utility, maybe look in the bios if there is a low level format option (I have one for a raid card)
  4. as root ifconfig eth1 (choose an IP that works for your network) (syntax allowing, and driver being loaded, not much more than that I guess) You will need to check the settings of the firewall /etc/shorewall/ interfaces, rules...
  5. look on http://www.linmodems.org/ and better the archives in http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/ bottom of page it will tell you if there is a driver (if free probably limited at 14 kbp) or not
  6. Got the same problem (from time to time), never managed to understand why or to find when the problem was triggered Can you start from a command-line terminal by typing mozilla-firefox If you really want to help with that you need to give - kernel version - mandy version - which windows maanger kde? - amount of memory any rules you can find out about when problem happens I have no solution (use command line or click again, or install a new icone & link) I installed firefox from the tar.gz in another directory so I have 2 firefox binaries (and icones) I cannot tell you if any one link is more buggy at start
  7. +1, could not think of the term yes anything with that and frame per second sampling (and the whole ntsc/pal issue) also I had green lines when using HDI worst case scenario it is a 64 bits code issue or a clock issue (unlikely) but you may try to install 32 bits OS mandriva on spare partition if you cannot resolve simply what mencoder is doing >>mpeg2video Did you try another codec? (just in case) and remove any supefluous option during this testing phase
  8. man mencoder I am afraid also picture look like (speaking thrg my ar__ because really I do not know, hope sbdy else joins in) - bad physical connection - ntsc sampling on pal - having both vga and HDI cables connected together (is this case) - software issue I have not a clue, sorry Are you pal or ntsc where you are?
  9. Was beaten to it! Something else to bear in mind (and a few other threads or people giving anodectical evidence of this) is that further to bad brand of cd/dvd, bad burn, fussy players, there is also the case of good burn, good player but cd/dvd ever so slighlty warped or not well balanced, so even 2 dvd from a same pack can have different behaviour (I have burnt mandy 2007.1. on 2 dvds one boots, the other does not, thanks to the fussy dvd-player of an IBM laptop) and here goes those errors that make little sense Sometimes dvd players need cleaning as well
  10. maybe ntsc vs pal options? vbitrate=4000 maybe remove option to let the default one being used try a smaller size picture and more standard (say about 320 x200) in case it is a processor power issue and for easier tests no other ideas, no card like this here
  11. A linux can do that is worth advertising Done the same years ago, moved a 10.1 mandy HD from an old PIII into a sempron socket A based mobo. And it worked. I was so impressed I have not rebooted zinblows for 2 yrs now. Try that with Zinblows! I suppose with hardrake as a service it might even be easier nowadays
  12. "How to choose the right screenshot program" http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/10/12/1843204 read the comment ont the article as well and if you want more info you can X-ref the different software names together
  13. go for the static IP address and the option lladdr http://www.hmug.org/man/8/ifconfig.php can be used to set the MAC hexa address to whatever (but non zero) I know somebody who had what looks like the same problem. At least if yout set the MAC to non zero and it still does not work then it will be sthg else ;)
  14. Ferg sometimes old players are funny maybe try another brand of dvd burnt at lower speed (if you are using a 16x or 8x branded dvd, I think it is worth trying a 2x or 4x branded dvd)
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