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  1. I can only say what I read on the club forums e.g. from Adam among others. Work in 2006 is finished over a week now. They were testing ISOs and the early seeders got the stuff. The devel/2006.0 tree is not cooker. It's an intermediate thing because it's not frozen. Some packagers post some new stuff there others don't, it's up to them. And bugfixes are also automatically posted there by one of Warly's script.
  2. At the time of 10.1 Mandrake used Mozilla as the No. 1 browser.
  3. Cooker is already unfrozen, it's not 2006 anymore, expect some system failures.
  4. Didn't work for me either. Guess it needs mozilla not firefox or some mozilla libs I'm too lazy to search. Anyway this error message should help: Launching just sunbird gives a Segmentation fault.
  5. Check the permissions of the dir the FAT partition is mounted.
  6. In an other topic Reiver_Fluffi wrote that 10.0 will only be supported until this friday so better consider some upgrades.
  7. Guess these are plf packages, at least win32-codecs. I'll try it when 2006 stable will be released,. I'm on RC2 now.
  8. Although I'm not a doctor but I don't recommend to use this monitor at 1024x768 since it can only do 60Hz with it. That's not healthy, it will damage your eyes. It should be minimum 75 Hz but the higher the better. PS. I take your monitor is a CRT from your monitor specs not a TFT/LCD but if it is forget what I wrote.
  9. I recommend to delete those software sources either in Software manager or by issuing the command: # urpmi removmedia -a After that go to easyurpmi and try adding new mirrors.
  10. Starnge I have an old codec pack from mplayerhq and I unpacked it to /usr/lib/win32. Now mplayer plays wmv files perfectly but Kaffeine plays only the sound, before that it didn't play anything of them.
  11. Xorg is the software which provides graphic screen, you removed it -> no GUI. Install it again.
  12. Did you install the ATI driver? If yes then (I think, I'm not an ATI user) you should add a line to /etc/modprobe.preload to tell the system to load that module at boot.
  13. Are you using KDE? If yes launch KDE control center and look around Look'n Feel.
  14. I have upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1 then to 2005LE and then to 2006 beta3. Never had a problem but over the years there are so many left over things remained I have 3 G more free space now after installing (cleanly) RC1, and the system is faster, don't know if they improved it or it's my doubled swap partition. So I say if you wanna upgrade go for it, but a clean install is recommended every now and then.
  15. Guess it will work only after reboot. I made an "export PATH" but it didn't help. If anyone could tell me how to link it to /usr/bin I'd appreciate it.
  16. It does, how should I link it so it will be in the PATH.
  17. OS: Mandriva 2006 RC1 cleanly installed. I have downloaded the java jre rpm and installed it succesfully. Downloaded Azureus (Linux GTK) unpacked it and copied to /usr/azureus. Made a link with ln -s /usr/azureus/azureus /usr/bin/azureus Now if I just type azureus then this happens: If I start /usr/azureus/azureus then it works perfectly. Anyone tell me why?
  18. Mandriva 2006 is still in testing phase so it doesn't have an update_source. Only the official version will have one. Until then you are encouraged to upgrade to RC1 and then RC2.
  19. Though MS is a big or probably the biggest software company it can't fight with other giants like HP or Google. They have hundreds of millions also to buy manpower even MS employees like Google did the last time.
  20. I have beta3 upgraded from 2005LE and now everytime I login to KDE a popup appears saying "installing software.." then another one then after a little time an error message saying something like "Couldn't install CUPS printer service". I have a HP printer which worked under 2005LE. I was too lazy to mess with it yet though.
  21. AFAIK wine translates windows function calls to Linux function calls, so if it doesn't work under Linux it won't work under wine.
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