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  1. Hmm I see, Thank you. I guess I have to be a little patient until 2007 Spring for the new Mandriva Release. BTW Which Xorg will be available in the new release? 7.1 or 7.2? I am asking this because ATI has not released drivers for 7.2 yet.
  2. Probably I didnt make myshelf pretty clear. Its not going slow because it is goind to read the data from the cd. I dont know how to describe it exactly but imagine this: 1) You have a single core CPU 2500+ Athlon 2) You have folding@home real time priority 3) You try to open "My Computer" What will happen? It wont open unless you are lucky and it takes 30 seconds to open. I say the above to describe how my computer responds when I try to click on something. If it loads from the cd and delays i will notice. And I have already tried many live cds. (PC LinuxOS has saved me a couple of times.) As for the driver? What can I say! The FAQ says that even a RIVA TNT is working. And the other laptop with Nvidia card w/ Wide screen (high end one) was as slow as mine. What could go wrong?
  3. I downloaded it 2 days ago and tested yesterday night. I am completely disappointed about this live cd. 1) It does not display anywhere the boot options if there are any. 2) Once i get to the desktop nothing works. I press "My computer" nothing. I press "applications" nothing. Maybe after 5 or 6 seconds something starts to reveal. 3) I have tried it in three different laptops (Mine with ATI Radeon 9200 Mobility, Another one with Intel graphics, and another one with Nvidia 7300go. The same thing occurs as described in #2 4) GNOME; Why not KDE; Anyway this is not a problem. I have already checked the Mandriva image with md5 checksum. Everything seems ok. Any ideas; Thank you.
  4. Finally I saw in linux hardware database that the psx controller is supported through the Linux console project. I saw a web site for a live cd but i would like to use these "drivers" in other distributions not just within the live cd.
  5. I like playing games with a gamepad and not with the keyboard or mouse. In fact I hat it with some exceptions. I have found here some instructions on how to build the connection. And here are the drivers for XP/2000, for 98/ME here. Is there a way to make it working under Linux? Or maybe using Wine? I have already tested in Windows XP. It works in 6-axis mode with force feedback. Thanks in advance [moved from Games by spinynorman]
  6. Really? I knew that there are many greek people in Melbourne but not that much. I have been in Australia in Port Hedland and Port Walcott because I am a seaman. Port Hedland is a very nice and quiet place. I bought also gifts from there. First time i meet a person like you. In greece all 50+ people dont even know what computer is. If we say about Linux... My grandmother for example when she sees me configuring Linux she tells me "you play all the time games stop it immediatelly". But I admit I love her very much.
  7. BTW Dont ban me because I am using SuSE 9.3 Pro now... AussieJohn this photo is yours? You remind me my grandfather.
  8. Hmmm i do not remember which one you say but check here http://www.avatarity.com
  9. i found the original avatar from www.linux.gr or www.hellug.gr I do not remember to tell the truth. Take a look also here to find also other pictures with tux.
  10. tsk tsk what can i say... I am long time away and what i see: Ubuntu is 1st at distrowatch (I do not know why, can someone explain to me?) SuSE has reached 9.3 Pro version Mandrake has become Mandriva (I do not like this name) Service Pack 2 for XP And so on... Anyway i am glad to be back.
  11. Same here. Goes into hibernation but when going back i get a kernel panic FATAL. Same story to suspension. It does come up again. All i see is black screen (without backlight) and hard disk working without any results.
  12. Thank you very much. I did the registration.
  13. Well the problem appeared because i wanted to install a driver for my winmodem Intel 537. The driver from the Intel 's site would work no matter what i tried. I downloaded the driver smartlink-softmodem 2.9.9 (not 2.9.10 cause doesn't have support for Intel 537) and when i tried to install the driver it didn't asked me for kernel headers. Just install the kernel source. It is very usefull. You can compile almost any C,C++ program if you have it. Also don't forget to install wvdial and configure it with the command # wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf (as root after the installation of the driver and being activated with the command # slmodemd --country=YOUR_COUNTRY /dev/slamr0
  14. So when do we start? What will we translate? Other question? How can I become a Linux registered user?
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