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  1. So is there a newer snapshot. All the cooker iso directories are empty. Or should I just go for the updates or rpms as i will be installing it and using off line.
  2. Okay thanks, I just downed 2 cd isos but not sure if they are cooker: Details Mandriva-Linux-Free-2006-0.5-CD1.i586 Is this the cooker?
  3. Was hoping to get my hands on the present cooker, but can't find it. Does anyone know a working ftp for cooker?
  4. Thanks will go get cooker now. Should be fast sinse they are all getting the club release , Ya Baby. Got my Suse 10 DVD last night in 1 hour at 1 meg/second.
  5. Some of the Suse mirrors are already hosting Suse 10 OSS final. Details: readme: SUSE-10.0-CD-i386-GM-CD*.iso: 5 CDs i386 SUSE-10.0-EvalDVD-i386-GM.iso: Same content as CDs on one DVD SUSE-10.0-EvalDVD-x86_64-GM.iso: Same packages for x86-64 as one the DVD above For additional software, check the openSUSE mirrors, they have a large FTP tree together with the source RPMs. Details can be found via http://www.opensuse.org. regards, ftpadmin@suse.com Just grabbing the DVD from a Swiss Server at 940K+/second.
  6. I'm not a Club member, either. Will have to wait , oh well. OR maybe.... giggle, giggle
  7. So is tomorrow the day for the release of 2006 stable? If so when will the mirrors get it? and Which mirrors (maybe list a couple) will have it? [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  8. Ya, a couple of months ago when I ran Debian, It was at 3.3 stable and they were just taking about updating the stable to 3.4. The Sid, is this The developmental Build?
  9. Enjoy Debian. Have they upgraded to KDE 3.4X yet?
  10. Got this in my e-mail today. they hadn't updated their software. Hi, As you probably know, several Novell hosted web sites got defaced by a vandal on the weekend. The vandalized hosts wiki.novell.com, opensuse.org, and forge.novell.com are actually virtual hosts living on one machine, making this one affected machine. The intruder gained access to the system by exploiting a known vulnerability in the "Xoops" blog software installed on another virtual host on this system (www.novell.com/prblogs/). This software was not upgraded to the latest security fixed version. The host affected is fully separate from our RPM and security fix delivery machines, so the integrity of our distributions and update repositories was not affected. Sincerely, Marcus Meissner, SUSE Security Team
  11. I'm on Cable extreme and used the Calgary University Server for apt-Get. I started it at 3:30 p.m. and it didn't finish untill 11:30 p.m.. I decided after that to download the dvds - that way I could still use my computer while the DVDs downloaded. The install was much faster using the media. But Hey, if you can find a faster server for apt-Get, all the power to you.
  12. If you go with the apt get with mini, be prepared to have it take 6 to 8 hours to install - I've done it and will not be doing it again. :o
  13. I have both dvds and you only need first.
  14. Been using AMD sinse 2001. Started with an Athlon 900, and now have a Barton 2800 with Heatpipe cooling. Still fast enough, no need to upgrade untill the dual cores become mainstream.
  15. A nearby Novell employee was quoted as saying "D***it, Jim, I'm a technical writer, not a network security monkey!" I am under the impression from the buzz i am hearing, that they never even thought that OpenSuse would be a target, thus making it very hackable.
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