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What is keeping YOU from going clean


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Yeah, Gaming is of course a prob....

/Me I bought a console....

Of course emailing the games suppliers is one way and not buying Windows games another.


School: Yeah well that's a bona fide reason ... like the ARM development.


I think there are a few areas though which are common....

GIMP usage seems pretty high ... I'm the first to admit I don't use 5% of it....


Then there's music .... considering the real top of the range stuff is MAC perhaps this will change ....


Kazaa ... etc... really should be solvable.

I currently have over 30 gigs of stuff (mainly mp3's) that I want to save that is housed on a fat32 partition. I want to transfer it over; but I don't really know how to go about doing so.  


Yeah.... I know. This is a problem if you only have a single PC and are cash challenged. If I wanna do a data backup (including things like MP3's and AVI etc.) I just zip it over across the NW. This also helps if I have visitors etc with W$ machines. My NFS server also has SAMBA.


This can solved by planning though. Next time you buy a disk ... just leave the old one in as a FAT partition....then copy everything across.


If you help people out with hardware this is another great source of borrowing disk capacity. Like yeah, Ill install your new disk but I wanna borrow for for a couple of hours first!

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didn't post to the other thread 'cause i'm not "clean".




1. i'm still a NOObie (3 months old in Linux years) & don't know nearly enough in Linux to permanently give Window$ the boot.


2. like some others have said, i have tons (IE: years) of important & semi important data on my Window$ partition. it will take some careful planning, weeding out the needed stuff from the junk, & some major backing up/transferring of data.


3. using Linux at work exclusively is not an option, since i have no say in the matter. (even though our server runs Unix & i've done as much as i legally can to not use M$ products on my work computer..........IE: i'm using Mozilla 1.4 & Open Office 1.1 exclusively. ssshhhh........don't tell the IT dept. :wink: )


4. and, finally, & i must say this may have a lot to do with my NOObieness & not understanding Linux thoroughly enough yet, BUT.......i honestly don't think Linux (MDK) is ready to be my only OS. there are just too many minor bugs & nuisances that i feel need to be worked out before i'd let go of M$ completely. i realize a major strong point of Linux is it's endless configurability, but sometimes i don't want to have to configure. i just want to install & use. there are many issues i've had in Linux that i would never have to deal with in M$ (cd burning......cd label & cover design......scsi/ide drive emulating......java hell..........browser plugin hell, in general.........streaming video/sound........slow boot & program response times........). i could name more, & again, a lot of that is because i'm a Noob & don't know all the ropes yet. but, until i either do know (at least) enough of the "ropes", i can't get rid of Window$.


i've stuck with Linux through many problems, when it would have been so much easier (for me) just to boot into Window$ to get the job done. i like to geek & tinker, but sometimes i don't want to, nor do i feel i should be required to. i guess the acid test for me would be that i could (with complete confidence) tell a computer neophyte (like my brother who only knows how to turn the comp on & off, my friend Eric who can't set up anything without calling me repeatedly or having me doing it for him.........you know the types.........the average "let the store set it up so i can turn it on & forget it" user)..........when i can tell somebody like that they should forget M$, use Linux & you'll never have a worry or computer headache again, then i guess i'll be ready to come completely clean. sadly, i can't do that...........at least not yet. :wink:



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Guest dardack

For my wife, she uses linux but also windows, she just uses what her fancy is, but also she sells MK on the side and when she logs into the site with mozilla it sends back an error of too many requests for redirection, could be caused by blocking cookies, but the cookies are there from the site, i checked, and i have clicked allow every cookie. So for her to be able to do her stuff for her business she has to boot into windows for now.

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For my wife, she uses linux but also windows, she just uses what her fancy is, but also she sells MK on the side and when she logs into the site with mozilla it sends back an error of too many requests for redirection, could be caused by blocking cookies, but the cookies are there from the site, i checked, and i have clicked allow every cookie.  So for her to be able to do her stuff for her business she has to boot into windows for now.


Try another browser, like konqueror or opera...

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I pretty much agree with chris. I like linux, but sometimes the tweaking / configuring gets old. Not that I havent had my problems with M$. Now I have no plans to abandon Linux or give up M$. When and if I feel linux has matured enough for my daughter to easily run it, then maybe I switch to a single boot. I would miss some games, but if enough of us don't by M4 compatible games and contact those publishers about a linux port, that problem would go away. Yeah I know I could use wine or winex, or just stay with M$. What would you choose if you couldn't read yet, yeah that's why my daughter likes M$ it uses the KISS method. Do I want to loose the configuration features in linux? No, i just want the items I install to work without dependency hell. (Redhat, Debian and Mandrake are doing better but what about third party apps?)

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Well, no one is really dumping too much on M$ or rather on you for keeping it - I consider myself towards intermediate-advanced in linux, yet I still dual boot for Wolverine's Revenge, Spiderman the Movie (the game), certain kazaa needs..


Chris said it best above. Until you get comfortable and certain things have matured (choice is good, but installation procedures shouldn't be unique for every friggin' app!!) it's a scary thought to go clean. Although I will come the end of december... and I'll do without the bells and whistles that come at, IMO, too high a price. Besides, getting rid of windows completely will be the best way to force me to learn the few things I haven't gotten around to yet.

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The only two things stopping me are the lack of internet access (i use a usb isdn TA) and the game - Morrowind.


I'm going to uni in September so i should have net access there :)

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- I boot Windows for transfering my photos from the digital camera. Have not got a card reader yet. And the camera does not work with linux.


- Recently I worked with IrfanView to build websites for our holidays pic's - 4 clicks and the thumbnails and 40 sites are build. I was too lazy to write so many pages :oops:

Then I found Kalbum - very nice, the web sites are even nicer, but it's limited to 9 pictures, and Kalbum is creating 2 sub-dir's :screwy:


- I bought this computer with win xp pre-installed. I guess I payed for this stuff. Though my next pc will become a linux only one, I am not ready to delete stuff I payed for - maybe a silly argument, ok.

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You know, I'll say this about gaming. If it doesn't play on linux, I won't play it. I moved away from several games to the Quake stuff and RTCW. And linux already has great 2d stuff. I would love to get half-life going, but it just doesn't work!

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Guest paul.clarkson

As I said on the other discussion, I only have one windows partition to drive my sony netMD player. If anyone knows how to do this with Linux I would love to hear and join the ranks of the "really really clean"!

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I have too many good programs that run in WINDBLOWS, which have no equivalent yet in Linux. And a whole bunch that run on my G3 Mac under OS 9.1


At work one guy in my group swears by Corel Wordperfect. Nothing in Linux will translate (though I do have WP8 for linux a wine port). My data acquisition requires WINDBLOWS...


But I'm working on it. All my machines except the Mac and 1 windblows machine are dual boot with MDK.

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I still have a Windows 98 partition, but rarely boot to it anymore (I haven't even bothered to install my scanner or digital camera over there).


But I keep a Win4Lin installation for a couple games, Yahoo messenger with webcam, and Finale (A music notation program, which almost works with Wine, but the notation fonts currently don't load all the way, although I haven't tried the latest version of Wine yet).


At least I don't use the stand-alone Windows installation anymore.


Because I have been experimenting with Linux music recording/making apps and I have caght the bug again ( after a two year or so break). Unfortuantely, Linux apps don't really seem to be up to the task - or if they are the docs are so rubbish that they are effectively useless. I want to get a PC that will be exclusively for music making. Ideally it would be a linux box - but I don't think this is realistic.


What programs have you tried? I use my Linux machine for music making as well. I use Ecasound for multitrack recording, and, by itself, there are some things missing. However, used in conjunction with the swh-plugins and with Audacity, it has everything I need for a top-quality recording and then some. Now, Ecasound by itself is a command-line program. However, there is a GUI for it as well, and the GUI is very straight-forward and self-explanatory. (You can get it at Ecasound's website) I'm not saying it's perfect, and you may still not be satisfied with it, but it's an excellent program that's worth a look.


I also tried Ardour, but I find the program just too confusing.

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Been using linux for 5 years or more, Have an XP partition I boot into very infrequently to keep up with "windows stuff" as I'm constantly being asked to "fix" windows problems. Usually it IS windows stuff not hardware,

but to work on that crap, I need to be somewhat familiar with it. I don't personally "use" windows for anything productive, or creative.

Just enough to keep familiar and sometimes to re-create common problems to try to find a "fix" (other than installing linux which I do try to push) :wink:

So XP is for "educational purposes only" <cough> pirated <cough> :twisted:

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Guest sirtaldon

I run a Tyan s2665uanf mobo with dual xeons and a ati radeon 9700 aiw pro.


This is hardware I have had for 4 months, and at the moment I can only use win2kpro since I am still unable to install mandrake 9.1. My old p3 does have both mandrake 9.1 and redhat 9.0(learning it for work) installed, but my need for uber-fast video editing on the latest hardware requires me to use win(for now). Once the hardware support catches up I will be able to dual boot this new machine.


I knew this was the case when I ordered the system, so I am not grousing. Just stating a fact: Linux is often far behind the driver and other hardware support of windows simply because of the reluctance of hardware makers to give us their support. So we usually have to rely on our community of developers to reverse engineer and bug hunt after the hardware has been out for a while. *And don't get me started on Intel NICs and Mandrake. I would like to take a baseball bat to those Intel dorks.


/end rant


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