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  1. happened to me once after an upgrade to a newer version of OOo. try this........ close OOo if you have it open. go to /home/you & rename the .openoffice folder to .openoffice~. (don't delete it in case you might want to copy over some things later) restart OOo. it will create a new setting folder in /home. try to print. Chris
  2. chris z

    Mplayer and Mozilla

    for what it's worth, i've always had the best success using all PLF packages where MPlayer is concerned. i haven't run across a Windows media file that i can't play with it. if you go the PLF route, make sure you get all the codec packs. there are several of them. just use Mandrake Control Center->software->install & type codec in the search & get all of them that show up. you shouldn't have any problems once everything is installed. Chris
  3. this happened to me once. turned out i hadn't installed MPlayer fonts. do you have those installed? go to Mandrake Control Center->software management->install & type mplayer in the search. look for a package called mplayer-fonts-<version #>. or, you could also do as root from a terminal urpmi mplayer-fonts if you're one of those cli hardcores. install the package, then try running MPlayer. Chris
  4. check out my post #3 in this thread. it's nothing fancy, just for a simple edit of the squid.conf to get it up & running. Chris
  5. i have 3 temp readings for lmsensors........... mobo, chassis, & cpu. so, the unknown one could be chassis. but, 127 C is way too hot for any of the above, so it could either be a bogus entry, or it could be that the divider being used to calculate the temp is wrong. have a look at your /etc/sensors.conf file. look for the entry for the particular sensor(s) you're using & see if there's any info there about tweaking the divider being used. i had to do that for my fan speed. the divider was set too low & giving me an incorrect fan speed. Chris
  6. have you tried, setting the volumes in aumix first, saving them, then setting things in kmix (making sure pertinent settings are not muted) then saving those settings? aumix is system wide, kmix is kde specific. if you set kmix first, then aumix, aumix will override kmix. Chris
  7. it sounds like your video/monitor isn't conffiged correctly. when you boot & get to the prompt, login as root. to do so, type.......... su hit enter then type the root password (hit enter). then type the following....... XFdrake hit enter that CaPs sensitive, too. that will run the X config module for your video settings. make sure you pick the correct driver (or something compatable) for your card, check the monitor refresh & res settings, then use the "test" feature after setting it up. if it passes the test, you're ok. if not, keep trying diffferent video card drivers until you get one that works. the default choice that MDK uses for some cards sometimes isn't always the correct choice. Chris
  8. ok, here's the "device" section from my xorg.conf. try entering what i have highlighted in red to your xorg.conf, exactly as it looks in mine. that option specifies to use kernel AGP support first, if that fails, then use Nvidia AGP. other options you can use are....... "0" (uses no agp support) "1" (uses nvidia agpart only) "2" (tries kernel agpart only) note: you don't have to do this edit by killing X & using vim (or whatever). you can use a text editor in GUI to make the edit. you will have to restart X for the option to take effect. Chris
  9. can you post the contents of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file here, please? there are a few options that you can add in there & might need to make Nvidia drivers play nicely with MDK. it could be as simple as editing that file a bit, to get you back to normal. i need to see it first, though. Chris
  10. use Grip. very nice app. endlessly configurable, GUI interface, works in any Desktop environment, converts mp3's to wav. use MCC software installer, type grip in the search to install if you don't have it installed already. or, in terminal as root do urpmi grip. Chris
  11. if it helps, here's my "failsafe" lilo entry........ that's a pretty generic "failsafe" entry for lilo. it'll boot you to a prompt to help in trouble shooting. resume= specifies the /swap partition to use devfs=nomount tells it not to auto mount any partitions. see man lilo.conf for tons of other options, but the above should prolly do what you're after. Chris
  12. if anybody is still having the mouse problem, try editing the "InputDevice" section of xorg.conf. it seems udev doesn't like the old /dev/mouse path on some set ups, for some reason. here's an example of mine using a ps2 scroll wheel mouse........... if your entry for "Device" read /dev/mouse try changing to the above. Chris
  13. in addition to Steve's suggestion, you can also go to KControl (IE: Configure Your Desktop)->components->session manager & check the "start with an empty session" box if you want to prevent things like that from happening again. checking that option doesn't mean that you'll lose all your desktop settings, it just prevents apps that you may have left running at reboot/shutdown from restarting next time you log into KDE. Chris
  14. right click on the Google search bar. a drop down box with options should appear. select "orientation" then choose the place you want it. the choices are "top", "left", "right", "bottom", "float". Chris
  15. yes, all .bin must be chmod'd to make them executable. congrats, glad you got it working! if you check this out again & are having no problems, could you please mark this thread as "solved"? Chris
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