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What is keeping YOU from going clean


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That is very true.


By the way: How is DVD Burner support in Linux? I want to get one, but I don't want to have a piece of equipment that I can't use at all. That would not be good. What programs are available for DVD burning? I guess I should do more research before I actually go out and get one.

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Because I have been experimenting with Linux music recording/making apps and I have caght the bug again ( after a two year or so break). Unfortuantely, Linux apps don't really seem to be up to the task - or if they are the docs are so rubbish that they are effectively useless. I want to get a PC that will be exclusively for music making. Ideally it would be a linux box - but I don't think this is realistic.


What programs have you tried? I use my Linux machine for music making as well. I use Ecasound for multitrack recording, and, by itself, there are some things missing. However, used in conjunction with the swh-plugins and with Audacity, it has everything I need for a top-quality recording and then some. Now, Ecasound by itself is a command-line program. However, there is a GUI for it as well, and the GUI is very straight-forward and self-explanatory. (You can get it at Ecasound's website) I'm not saying it's perfect, and you may still not be satisfied with it, but it's an excellent program that's worth a look.


I also tried Ardour, but I find the program just too confusing.


I've tried Ardour and can't get it to do anything useful at all. I've also tried audacity and rezound - I liked the latter but it isn't quite mature yet. I also tried hydrogen which is the only app I found so far that I would be happy to use as is. I'll take a look at ecasound

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I am a heavy user of a program called Biblioscape www.biblioscape.com for online research. It does bibliographic formatting, surfs and saves websites and has its own word processor. I also have some theological libraries and software that won't run outside of windoze. :cry:


I am working with OOo bibliographic dev team to help work out bibliographic interface for OOoWriter, but we are a long way off and stretched for resources.


The day is coming though... and I find I often try to paste using my mouse wheel or type c:windows>ls when I am in Windoze! :wink:

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Liquidzoo, dvd support is fine, there have been some threads in the hardware forum, give it a look.


Ps I would recommend dvd+r(w) in case you wonder...


On hardware support:

the hardware support will only come if more people pay attention to what they buy.

Give preference to those manufacturers that do support linux. Vote with your wallet.

Ok, I know that this is not always possible, but whenever it is, do it.


Like the cd-rom drives that don't read cd-rw discs are no longer around, sometime soon hardware that doesn't work with linux will be less and less around.


The first bits of hardware that only work with linux are already on the market.

Opteron anybody? Or this new hdtv card?


Meanwhile, we must do our homework and buy only linux functional hardwrae and encourage our friends to do the same.

I always say: you may not run linux today, but maybe you would like to tomorrow, and then you'll be sorry if you saved a buck today on your scanner (for example) to throw it away or be locked into MSWin.

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Let's see, what keeps me using Windows?


1. Macromedia software.


I use Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Freehand a lot in what I do and I have yet to find a suite of products on Linux that can match these.


2. Adobe software


I, and my wife, use Photoshop a lot. We are both photographers and have about 5 years experience using the software. That is not something you can change easily.


Solution: Mac OS X

As soon as I can find the money I will be buying a nice shiny new Mac G5. It's unix based.



I do, however, have a computer that is completely clean; it only contains reiserfs partitions and is running Mandrake 9.1. I use it for all my programming for school and many other things.


3. Last but not least - Games.

I prefer pc based games over console games. I don't have a solution for this one yet though.

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same here... bored at work... BUT, I still have a half day to go.


back OnT:

Hey fuzzy, what kind of photography? I work for a newspaper and working hard to learn the gimp way... But yes, if I had the money to burn... it would have been a G3 a couple of years ago... mostly because of the Adobe habit.

I use an old ppc G3 w/ running 8.6 and a 233 mhz at work.

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