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  1. Took me about 2hrs with Mandrake 8.1 and this forum...either that makes me a geek or that enough $$$ can convince anyone M$ is the only game in town.... Oh nuts, I just remembered I took Fortran in college (punch cards) and started on Apple DOS (Apple ][+) then MS DOS 3.x...I am a geek :cry:
  2. That was kind of fun, to see a few magyarul speakers out there. CJC is my nick here, Americanized family name = Chany, Hungarian spelling Csanyi. Wish I spoke/wrote more...no one to pracitce with :sad:
  3. Igen!!!! cjc = chany = csanyi
  4. Well for whatever reason, on boot and giving Mandriva one last chance to get all the update links/downloads right... Everthing worked today :unsure: Still scratching me head over this...but hey I'm updated and current. B)
  5. Thanks Paul...snif , someone remembers me.... Glad to be back mate! I think, M2006 is being unusually weird. Performed: urpmi --clean uprmi now locked...no problem, log out / reboot hey I'm a noob now! And I use Windows Back into Mandriva Control Center... pick a site any site for updates etc. Darned if none of them want to work...can't connect, configuration is wrong or other lame excuse... Heck I am connected...how do they think I'm posting this? Telepathy? Won't be a loss if I need to run the M2006 DVD and reinstall (nice having DSL!!!!! :D ) Suggestions?
  6. Hi Gang I have been away from Linux way too long, a change in jobs, divorce (which really sucks), ssssssllllllooooowwwww dialup (26.6-24kbps), well now I have DSL - YES! Okay I used the typical easy way to do updates (Mandriva Control center), seems that Firefox 1.5XXXX has signature issues and refuses to install. I have changed mirrors and such and keep getting the same... Looks to me like I am going to have to do a manual delete of the downloaded files. Where does Mandriva store the downloaded files? Like I said I've been away for a while...back to noobie state. Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks CJC
  7. cjc


    Um... My young friend...not to start a war here (or be disrespectful) Have you installed this version? As you seem to me a "Linux Guru" (way ahead of me by light years) - did you offer to help Aussie John? Or the author? Pehaps AJ did "jump the gun" with his comments, however your comments are not very helpful either (my opinion). Let us educate and help each other here not blast and downgrade. I have been away so long I qualify as a complete noob at this point... (No, I haven't moved to Iowa yet....still commuting...still learning the new job)
  8. cjc

    Free or pay?

    This was my approach also...I have bought 2 versions (8.2, 9.2) and had a Club membership as well. The trial of a full version is what convinced me to support MDK (as well as this forum)
  9. cjc

    Asus and Linux

    Very sad :sad: :sad: I have the following Asus MOBOs A7A266 - Win XP / MDK 9.2 A7M266 - Win XP / MDK 9.2 A7N8X-X - MDK 9.2 only I have had good luck with Asus boards, guess the next go around is with someone else...
  10. cjc

    Athlon and Intel

    I beg remind you of some events which saved AMD. AMD was on the verge of going under when Intel brought out the Pentium III chip which had a factory tracible ID code. (Intel claimed this was to ID authentic, not knock off chips) Great cries of "Big Brother is watching" and worries about who could access this information and what it could be used for scared/outraged a whole bunch of us who immediately jumped to the AMD Athlon series of chips (Slot A)...now the people had a choice...AMD or Intel... Yes, there are all the processing speed advantage claims...casual users, not pushing systems to the absolute limit will not notice differences in similarly rated Intel/AMD chip sets. (other than out of pocket difference). Why hav I stayed with AMD over Intel...partly because of the ID scare, partly because supporting a choice, partly because of price/performace and partly because I can have a choice if I so choose which performs as well or better than the other choice...
  11. I can't speak for Fedora... I have a Sony FR-130 laptop (AMD 2000 XP) and it plays very well with both Win XP and Mandrake 9.2 (dual boot machine)
  12. First question to ask about your downloaded MDK 10: Did you do the checksums on the iso's (before CD burning) to be sure they were not corrupted?
  13. Could have had that long ago if I had been told/asked to put it in gif rather than png. :deal: It does look like you made some improvements to make it sort of 3-D looking (more depth and puffy)...I think it looks much better than what I did...
  14. cjc

    AMD or Intel

    Started with AMD back when Intel was going to put the security ID in their PIII chip never looked back...more of a political rather than performance issue.
  15. I'm Sorry, ramfree17! My fault for not being perfectly clear...
  16. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?sho...pic=11377&st=45 First line of users under the Penguins: bvc, tyme Ixthusdan cannonfodder, Gowater, mystified, DragonMarge, SteveScripmshire, paul, iphitus, Dolson, ramfree17... sheesh, go look at the picture and see... Note: must use link above Name Search Engine Closed for repairs...I tripped, fell and broke my wrist this morning...is it Friday yet?
  17. Where have you been? This is the logo on the back of the T-shirt First line of users under the Penguins: bvc, tyme Ixthusdan cannonfodder, Gowater, mystified, DragonMarge, SteveScripmshire, paul, iphitus, Dolson... Go down 3 lines beneath Dolson and you'll find me too... http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?sho...pic=11377&st=45
  18. cjc


    Symantec (Norton Antivirus) does not recognize it via their web site...could be spyware
  19. Apple ][ (home) then IBM XT (DOS 3.x) (work) then Mac OS4.x -> 7.x (graduate school) then Win95 (work) then Mac Clone (OS 7.6->9.1) (home) then Win98 SE (work) then Corel Linux (Home) then MDK 8.1, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2 and Win98SE, Win XP and Mac Clone OS 9.1 (work and home, dual boot machines) Testing Knoppix 3.3 on an old Fujitsu laptop (Intel 155MHz)
  20. Reconsider the DVD. I buy the power packs on DVD and CD and it is a whole lot more convenient to have it all on one DVD rather than 7 CDs...and a few bucks cheaper to buy just the DVD...(I buy both CD and DVD as I have a system or two without a DVD-ROM) Of course if you plan to use just the DL MDK versions this is a moot point... As for processor cooling, I went with a Thermaltake Volcano 7 on my Athlon 2100+ Win box and the damn thing is a screamer (LOUD) http://www.thermaltake.com/products/heatsink/v7.htm It will be changed to something quiet soon. My new Athlon 2600+ (333MHz FSB) with OEM fan is whisper quiet, the Enlight box fans are all I hear. This is running on an Asus A7N8X-X MOBO, 512 Gig PC 2700 RAM, PNY GF4 MX420 (I sacrificed my old MOBO/processor/RAM to fix a computer where my wife used to work and bail her out, I chose the replacement parts)...not a screaming system...but it seems to like MDK 9.2...good enough for me... I didn't pay for the replacement parts...got a nice upgrade with out being greedy...Old MOBO board was a 900MHz Slot A Athlon on an MSI 6195 (K7 Pro board)...good enough for me also.
  21. AJ These are close-ups of my personal shirt and mug from the pictures of me shown above. What you will receive is true to the pictures on the manufacturer's site. I paid for these, they were not promos to promote cafepress (didn't realize I still had your post up on the screen when I took the photos.) Note: this logo may seem a little faded, I accidentally bleached the shirt (chlorine bleach)...
  22. Box 1 (Home, self-built) Asus A7N8X-X Athlon 2600+ XP (333FSB) 512 MB RAM PNY GF4 420, 64MB MDK 9.2 Box 2 (work, self-built) Asus A7A266 Athlon 2400+ XP 512 MB Ram PNY GF4 440 64MB Dual Boot: Win98/MDK 9.2 Laptop Sony Viao FR-130 AMD 2000+ XP 40 GIG (15 Gig Win/ 25 Gig MDK) 512MB RAM Dual Boot: Win XP/MDK 9.2
  23. Note :Sorry I missed the "Linux App" in your message before I posted what's below...all the stuff below runs on Windows Machines...except Netscape Composer which does run under Linux) I have a collection of all sorts of programs Net Object Fusion, GoLive (Mac and PC), Homesite, Adobe PageMill (obsolete) and programs from CoffeeCup Software. Have a look at the programs at http://www.coffeecup.com Specifically http://www.coffeecup.com/designer (what you see is what you get ) and http://www.coffeecup.com/html-editor/ They are $49 each Or check out the big cup offer http://www.coffeecup.com/bigcup/ for $149 and get 7 website design software packages + pop-up and spam blocker If nothing else download the trial versions of Designer and Html-Editor and try them. Other choice for free, Netscape Composer (Win, Mac and Linux)
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