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  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  2. This is a random comment..... again.

  3. If you have a console after boot, then startx should launch a gui. If it does not, then it is possible that the x server was not installed, and probably no desktop environment. So, as root, do "urpmi kde" and you should get a request to install additional packages, including the x server. After the install, then do startx. Note that this will install over 100 packages, so relax and wait for it to finish.
  4. Greetings. The reason you can't start x is because it has not "crashed" but it has failed for another reason. Terminating the process will enable you to fresh boot the x server, which is what ctrl-alt-bksp does. Since you cleared the kde directory, I suspect that you may have a hardware problem, rather than a software problem. Any other os running on the machine? Any other odd problems? Perhaps you should post the errors. PCLinusOS does not really use edgy stuff but is quite stable. My guess is hardware.
  5. Keith, do you login through a desktop manager (kdm or gdm) or through command line? The comman line option normally only allows a logout, unless you use the console to shut down. Do your choices still show up at the kde menu button? When I play around and break my desktop (we all do it) I just rename the .kde folder to .kdeold and allow kde to setup a new desktop. If it can't, then a force reinstall of certain packages is on order.
  6. You need to move past the install in order to utilize better drivers for your graphics. While a text install may be tedious, it will make a system where you can better configure a tricky graphics problem. I think X is the problem. If I had to install text mode, I would be sure to install the system first. Configure urpmi to have access on line from the community. Then I would install X. All of this can be done from the command line. If you like having a gui while at the command line, install mc (Midnight Commander). After getting X, then choose KDE or gnome (or whatever).
  7. At the boot menu, try vgalo or text install. I am troubled that the live media will not load; you may need to download the full iso. I do not think the document from 2009 is relevant in this case, as it is rather dated.
  8. Greetings! I have the usual questions for you. Did you burn with a good disk at a slower speed? Did you verify the integrity of the download?
  9. I ran an update from RC, and there were no problems at all. The only thing I have not done is an actual install outside of a virtual pc. Mandriva (like Mandrake before it) did some sort of oddity to the MBR and could cause issues if one wished to remove the boot loader. None of the other linux distros which I have used did this. I know it has something to do with misstating the parameters of the MBR. At any rate, I am hesitant to blow openSUSE out and use Mageia, just for that reason. The distro runs quite well, and actual has graphic goodies functioning in VirtualBox. My current openSUSE install has developed issues crashing X when rotating the cube. (Where's the fun in that?) Mageia release one is excellent.
  10. I have posted my positive experience in the new forum. I am testing in Oracle's Virtual Box.
  11. Ixthusdan


    I thought is was funny and applicable; but then, you all know how warped i am!
  12. Ixthusdan


    Wow. I am utterly amazed at what I am reading, even before anything productive has come of Mageia. As someone who came along shortly after Tom disappeared, I must say that the users on this particular board, however you wish to personally count them, have always responded in a decent, civil, and community oriented way. I cannot say that about almost any other linux forum that I have attended. Since linux still does not have a decent printed manual, that means getting knowledge from other users it the ticket. Seriously, most forums have a response that is really positive: RTFM. In the years that I was a mod and then an admin here, we never considered such a response appropriate. I am sure thast the current folks are still just as civil. A board is a board is a board. I do not care how many anyone has run or whether anyone has their own business, because none of that is any of my business. It is the people who make the difference. Always has been and always will be. This board is the best because the people are the best. wobo, your critique rings hollow. I hope you get over whatever is ailing you. Seriously.
  13. For clarification, you are experiencing a change in the task bar location without changing the primary?
  14. I have always used the proprietary driver for making such video adjustments. I am familiar with Nvidia, since I choose those video cards, but I am certain that ATi has such instructions as well. As far as the task bar and associated icons, when you switch the primary, those items intentionally follow the primary. Perhaps you could investigate a command to simply launch your video program on the appropriate monitor without switching the primary. That is my recommendation.
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