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  1. For the past week I have had to fight with konqueror. Whenever I click on a directory I get the error pop up "kdeinit could not launch /path/to/directory. If I clear the error and put the cursor up in the address bar and hit enter it enters the directory, but I always have that annoying extra step now I must have changed a setting without realizing it, but what? Or what config file do I erase to reset the settings? I'm running mandrake 10,1 and all was fine up to a week or so ago. Now it wants to "launch" the dirs now instead of just entering them.
  2. I just keep jpilot pointed at /dev/ttyUSB0, I gave up dealing with /dev/pilot. It just seems that the device number is a different value than it is "supposed" to be for some reason, but at least it is working.
  3. OK so I successfully synced repeatedly. When I pushed hotsync ttyUSB1 and 2 were the 2 devices created. so...... 2 supposedly is the one I want. It even worked once. I kept trying 1 and 2 just to see. /dev/pilot was set up by udev to be my palm (whenever I tried to sync kpilot did pop up, but wouldn't do anything other than say /dev/pilot was ready) For some reason it kept being created pointing to ttyUSB3. and lo n behold I just got frustrated and tried ttyUSB0 and it worked repeatedly. Who knows if this will continue, but can anyone explain what the heck my mix-up is? I did uninstall kpilot to keep it from competing with jpilot.
  4. For starters I've read every how-to and scrap of info I could find. I am running mdk 10.1 official, and want it to talk to my tungsten t2. I tried and tried and gave up last week. Being the stubborn guy I am, I try to sync every now n then just for the heck of it. Well I tried it today and heard that nice little tweedle-dee! j-pilot had successfully talked to /dev/ttyUSB2 so I do know where my palm likes to hang out. Problem is...... it synced that once. That's it. I tried several times since, but no go. I try different timing schemes, push sync on the palm, wait 5,10,25 etc. seconds but I can't figure out what sort of voodoo black magic I used that once. It worked, so I know it CAN work, but there must be some weird/obscure variable that just isn't cooperating. So basically I am hoping this little dilemma I have will pique someones interest that may be able to shed some light on this situation and allow me to hear that happy little sound again and save me from having to boot to the dark side. I haven't changed a single thing since the one success, just tried to sync so it "should" be all set with no APIC, udev entry etc. thanks Todd
  5. After trying to get to the bottom of this, I noticed that when I log into icewm instead of kde konq opens fine for normal users, I just don't know what that implies,,,,
  6. After a fresh install of 10.1 official, konqueror will not load for a regular user, the hourgkass will just spin until it gives up. Trying to start it from the console gives no output at all, no errors no nothing, however as root it starts right up. Any suggestions?
  7. Can't remember exactly, but I tried gnome-pilot and had issues. J-pilot has always served me well. I think it had something to do with that hotsync daemon that gnome pilot wanted to run causing conflicts, but j-pilot seems to run flawlessly.
  8. Linux 90% XP 10% why the 90/10 split? Why indeed....... CADkey 99 $4,000 US ToPS 300 $10,000 US You'd think at those prices they could afford to develop a linux version. But the money didn't come out of my pocket, so I can't complain too much. (I still do tho')
  9. (I see this isn't their primary language) :wink:
  10. Ok ... thanks fort the suggestions, going home early, so I will actually have time to mess around with that stuff...... will see what happens not fun leaving this broadband connection I'm on here at work.............
  11. that last post says a lot for most of us......... brand new stuff comes out, you have linux.....sometimes you need to try that new gadget anyway ...... BIG headache until linux catches up with the technology.
  12. It is XP pro, connection sharing is something I tried, but should my machine "see" hers as a proxy? or what? Yes I realize that is a "windows" question, but I want email on my linux box will .........keep .........tryin' .........8)
  13. ab2ms

    QT3 & QT2 ?

    I have had that error a few times installing programs from source. Maybe Mandrake decided to put Qt files in a "non-standard" location that some apps don't know where to find?
  14. Typically when I get home, she is on and my main objective is email. right now she is signed up for a proprietary dialup service, or I could get on thru linux, but it has to be accessed thru their software (windoze only) for bandwidth I use work's connection, but I just want email at home on my own computer, and to access this forum. I'll look into better alternatives, but with a LAN possibility I figured it would be a temporary option.
  15. Been using linux for 5 years or more, Have an XP partition I boot into very infrequently to keep up with "windows stuff" as I'm constantly being asked to "fix" windows problems. Usually it IS windows stuff not hardware, but to work on that crap, I need to be somewhat familiar with it. I don't personally "use" windows for anything productive, or creative. Just enough to keep familiar and sometimes to re-create common problems to try to find a "fix" (other than installing linux which I do try to push) :wink: So XP is for "educational purposes only" <cough> pirated <cough>
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