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Show off your desktop November, 2007


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This is my ancient HP Pavilion Celeron running Mandriva 2008 with the Enlightenment E17 desktop.




I am amazed at how well E17 works on such an old and basic (667MHz CPU) system. I have tried XFCE and Fluxbox but neither can compare to E17.

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I'm new to this forum, and I'm confused. How do I upload an image? I click on Add Reply and see the 'Insert Image' button, but it asks for a URL. Do I have to upload an image to the web first in order to include it in a reply? I imagine that I'm missing something.

When writing a message look underneath the text box. There should be a section marked "Attachments". On the right you should be able to upload files to the board. Then with the "Manage Current Attachments" drop-down selection (just above that UPLOAD button) you should be able to add (or delete for that matter) your newly added images to the post.



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