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  1. I like this dark setup as it goes really well with my black Samsung 22" widescreen monitor.
  2. Well I was wrong! So switching to the gtk-window-decorator seems to be the answer. It crashed once the day after I switched but since then it has been rock solid. When I was using the KDE-window-decorator it crashed nine out of ten sessions.
  3. I have succumbed to temptation and installed KDE4 to have a play with it. When I ran Kmail it did its 'first run wizard' thing. I was expecting it to use my existing settings as I have logged in under the same user name as with old KDE? Can I transfer the settings across? I don't want to set up my email accounts and message rules again. Will the settings 'sync', I don't want to have two different versions of Kmail running.
  4. Well that lasted about eighteen hours! So looks like I am just going to have to accept it or switch to Metisse or Gnome?
  5. I am currently using a GeForce 7300 GT graphics card but i have had the same problem with a 6600GT and a Radeon Mobility card whose name eludes me. The bug is that the wondows decoration (the coloured title bar) dissapears. This means you cannot move or minimise or maximise a window. It is VERY irritating!
  6. Thanks for this! I have done as suggested and will let you know how things go.
  7. I agree! When I had the problem (on an HP Pavilion) it simply would not switch on. I had about five days left on my warranty so I phoned HP customer support. When I gave them the model number the immediately told me to "reseat the memory". No 'check the fuses, plugs' etc so it was obviously a known issue.
  8. I have had a similar problem in the past and it was due to the memory. Try 'reseating' the memory as AussieJohn suggested. I doubt it is your hard drive as from what you say it is not even trying to boot up, but you could check this by trying to boot from a live CD.
  9. There must be someone out there who read that post when it first appeared? Maybe they are all on the Slackware forum?
  10. in relative terms, to me this is like "do you remember where you were when man landed on the moon?" http://groups.google.it/group/comp.os.mini...536d1fb451ac60/ I have to say it was before my (Linux) time.
  11. I am using 'la ora'. I don't know if that is an old one or not? I think that some distros seem more 'natural' in certain desktops. When I was an Ubuntu user I was happy using Gnome, I tried using it with KDE but it didn't feel 'right' for some reason. Mandriva and SUSE just seem right when using KDE.
  12. Well that is bad news! I really like compiz, well at least some aspects of it. I was using Mandriva on old Celeron 667mHz based PC for a while and I really missed Ctrl+Alt+left/righ tarrow to switch desktops. I have started using SMplayer more recently and so far (touch wood) that has not caused the crash. Though it still happens at random sometimes.
  13. No it is not just associated with Kaffeine, sometimes it happens when you first boot up, sometimes when you load amaroK and sometimes it just happens.
  14. :lol2: Me too! I didn't realise there was a more complicated way of doing it! :D
  15. I was hoping that this might be fixed in KDE4 but I get the impression that the KDE developers have washed their hands of it (the bug that is). It seems to be officially classed as a Compiz bug now? I am finding it is happening more and more now, it happens 50% of the time I open Kaffeine, and it is getting increasingly irritating! Am I correct in thinking it doesn't happen in Gnome? If so I may have to switch, much as I prefer KDE.
  16. You could also try plugging into a different USB port. On my PC, Mandriva doesn't seem to like the USB ports at the front of my case but anything plugged into the back works fine (the ports work OK in XP).
  17. I have had the same problem, though not all the time, with other screensavers. I think the screensaver in KDE is very buggy, though it does seem to be worse in Mandriva than in other distros I have used. I would suggest you don't use the slide show screensaver at all. I have had problems when using it that it locks up the PC and reboot is the only solution.
  18. I have done changed/deleted partitions twice while using Mandriva. Once I used Gparted from within Mandriva and once I used a Parted Magic CD. On both occasions afterwards I could NOT get Mandriva to boot, despite my best efforts, and had to do a complete re-install.
  19. I LOVE that logo! I am an NVidia fanboy! ATI are the followers of Satan and the sort of people who call their teddy bears Mohamed! :ph34r:
  20. Harumph!!!! OK, that did the trick so i have calmed down a little bit now! Well quite a lot really, I am glad to get things back to normal but still a little IRRITATED that this happened. Once I solved the problem I noticed another symptomm the NVidia logo was not displayed during log on, now it is. Thus confirming my suspicions that it was driver related. I appreciate the fact that a solution has been provided but I think this issue should have been more widely reported.
  21. I have tried all the usual things such as restarting X, rebooting, logging in as different user etc. Restarting the window manager works sometimes but only temporarily, if I log out and back in again the problem comes back. I wonder if it is something to do with the NVidia driver? When I try to run Drak3D the options for Compiz and Metisse are greyed out and it says my system is not compatible with the 3D desktop. It may also be linked to recent updates. I have been away for a week or so and in the meantime my son has been installing various updates. I now have two extra boot options on the Grub login screen.
  22. After happily using Mandriva 2008 for several weeks (complete with 3D desktop) it has suddenly decided my system is not compatible with it! Worse than that, the window decoration on KDE has dissapeared, apparently for good! EVEN worse than that my keyboard will not work properly on Firefox! I can scroll up/down tab etc but when I try to type text of any kind nothing happens. It works fine in other packages, such as OOo. (Just in case you are wondering, I am writing this on a Windows PC)
  23. Do you mean 2008? If not, why are you going for 2007 and not the latest version?
  24. And my wife thinks I spend to much time on the PC!
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