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  1. Yeah so following the development of Amarok will be interesting, and they have a nice forum. Added repo main/testing as it carries latest version of Amarok, so easy too. Mike
  2. Thanks Scarecrow, with your help I came to the choice of waiting for Amarok 2 to develop.
  3. Hi there, Mandriva 2009.1 comes with Amarok 2, it`s still a beta and is missing functions I need, can anyone advice how to downgrade to Amarok 1.4 plz? Mike
  4. Thanks for the info guys!
  5. Hi there, When I insert an SD card into my USB card reader it get`s automatically mounted in mandriva 2009.1, only problem is that it is really slow whilst writing files to it, especially if the files are large, eg greater than 50MB. If I unmount the SD card and manually mount it myself, I get fast speed as it should be.
  6. Apart from the printer needs to be powered on before I boot Mandriva, or it wont work, but I can live with that!
  7. Bookmarks would be good. I use Gstreamer engine for HD/matroska, settings/Player Engine to switch beetween xine and gstreamer, it really is quite simple. Screensaver deactivation works fine under compiz/kde (for me anyway) Avidemux is a frontend for various converters indeed of course I know that! but thanks for your suggestions on alternative players.
  8. - Bookmarks and bookmarks management? NO - HD-DVD and hd-mp4/matroska playback? YES - Proper subtitles rendering? PROPER? - Screensaver deactivation while playing? YES - Audio and video format convertion? NO BUT USE AVIDEMUX - Some mildly convenient way to take screenshots of the videos played? CTRL S Mandriva Guru?
  9. Hi it runs fine for me always has done, use it for all video and also to tune into digital DVB TV, it also supports Electronic Program Guide and scheduled recording, all work flawless, what more can I ask for :)
  10. Happy days!!! yeah very pleased it works now :)
  11. Hi there, Whilst using Kaffeine I like to have 2 effects plugins enabled :- volnorm and eq only problem is I need to set these active each time Kaffeine starts. Is there any way of making them perminently set? Mandriva 2009, but had this problem since 10.1 Mike
  12. Solved!!! I removed hplip packages and cups, then re-installed them, printer now works each boot :) I guess it must have been a problem whilst upgrading from 2008.1 to 2009 as hplip and cups were already installed.
  13. Thanks for reply! Unfortunatly hp-plugin opens up a user agreement with box you need to tick to continue :(
  14. Hi there, I have a HP Laserjet P1505, it works, but only after I issue commands.... su hp-plugin which is python script that downloads a plugin, creates some symlinks and updates firmware. but each time I reboot Mandriva 2009 I need to repeat the above steps to initialise the printer. any ideas for a workaround to stop me having to do this each reboot? Mike
  15. aerogate

    digikam bug?

    Yes thanks Chris, solved same issue for me.
  16. ahh not all packages installed, working fine now, apart from the known kde 4 bugs :) thanks for help
  17. hehe no i forgot about that lol, but when I do login with kde4 selected I get error message "unable to start kde4init check your installation"
  18. Hit a prob, after installing tasks-kde4, I still appear to be running KDE 3 and KDE 3 apps eg konq kopete etc KDE 3.5.9 to be specific.
  19. for the benefit of other people this is what task-kde4 does........... Metapackage for KDE4​  This package is a meta-package, meaning that its purpose is to contain the complete dependencies for running the KDE4 desktop ( plus Amarok2, Koffice2, ...)
  20. excellent, thanks, I shall go for that, and let you know how I get on :)
  21. Hi, Recently upgraded 2008.0 to 2008.1, I would also like to try KDE 4, i notice it`s in the repos, how do I go about upgrading to KDE 4, is it simply a case of selecting KDE 4 rpm`s in rpmdrake? Mike [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  22. thanks for the replies, yes that`s my problem, there are now two updates that if I apply stop aac sound working in xine/kaffine, blocking them would be nice :)
  23. Hi there, the mandriva Online applet checks periodically for any package updates, my question is, how can I exclude updates that I dont want? Mike
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