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Show off your desktop Feb 2007


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The only thing you need now is add beryl, then it's awesome! (v. 0.2 is very stable) :)
Beryl? Why should I need that? :huh: Window borders are window borders... And the cube-thing never attracted me.
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It can waaaay more than that, not to mention the plugins that can be installed next to it. Yes some of it are for eyecandy, but there's good stuff in it that can make your desktop a better place to work with/at.

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Yeah, it s eye candy but once you re a bit used to the shortcuts and functionalities, it can be quite a help to juggle with windows.


Maybe it s because I m a "visual" person, it helps me to understand what is what when I can see it, for that the 3D helps me to see even more at the same time. If I have to do some calculations or organization stuff or planning, I need a paper and I "draw" it rather than think it through...


Besides, it is a political/propaganda instrument : the public i now discovering Vista, whose main argument is "look we have a 3 d desktop" and so on, well, I have my 3D desktop since nearly a year, that makes people I try to "turn" to the light (ie Linux..) think twice before saying windows looks better.

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