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Show off your desktop Feb 2007


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It is now 2007.


My no-name brand Pentium One system will be 10 years old this coming October. And it still works. :)


Finally! Something other than BLUE! :D


There is only One.


Orange? Ubuntu Wannabe!!! :P

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ty! this thing is awesome...i love the larger screen (will make web coding/design much easier) and the greatly improved graphics (256MB X1600 - WoW is lovin' it!).


/me pets his mbp


(right now I'm installing Ubuntu in Parallel's)

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first screenshot from my new macbook pro (15"):


click for larger image


I want one! So stop torturing me with those screenshots! :geek:


Is that AdiumX you are running to chat?



Anyway, I suppose I'll have to post some screenshots of my own desktop:

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