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Oldies you enjoyed


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I'm curious as to what 'oldies' you enjoyed; I'm asking because I currently playing Commandos 1 and it's great fun! Much more fun than many recent titles I played.


I'll list some of the ones I enjoyed myself:


- King's Quest VI

- Gabriel Knight I & 2

- Quest for Glory II, III and IV

- Monkey Island I, II, III

- Full Throttle

- Sam&Max

- Loom

- Day of The Tentacle

- Dynablaster

- Alley Cat

- Dragonsphere

- Laxius Power I, II, III

- Wonderboy

- Goldenaxe

- Street Fighter II

- Super Mario Brothers I, II and III

- Lighthouse

- Anachronox

- Double Dragon

- Oni

- Commando's

- ...



So what's your list?

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Oh... there are some nice memories...

- Hanse

- Commando

- Pacman

- Kaiser

- Patrizier

- Marble Madness

- Rambo

- NHL94

- Sam&Max

- Mokey Island

- Elite

- Tau Ceti

- Turrican I + II

- Mission Impossible

- Bruce Lee

- Barbarian

- Little Computer People

and so on and so on...

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Grim Fandango and ... Ghost's n' Goblins and BomberJack!


BTW: I found a CD with 500 C-64 games for PC for 5 bucks. I will install that on my girlfriends PC (She still uses WinME. :)) and see if I am still able to play some of those funny games.


The best game included there: FROGGER!!! :D :thumbs:

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