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  1. People don't use linux because most people don't want to have to learn something new, they did not want to learn to use windows either(in their rather limited capacity) they were forced too. That is all.
  2. Oldies include Doom 1 & 2 commander keen Masters of orion Tower Assualt Dune lemmings xcom ahhhhh good times!
  3. I keep a windows box for playing games, i managed to kick my WOW addiction and now play guildwars which i don't feel the need to spend my entire life playing. Still play ut2004 etc on my linux box, and of course do everything else in linux, home and work.
  4. Open office has terrible file locking problems when using samba and accessing via linux. Linux users can open files already opened by a windows users or other linux user and overwrite them. And yes the charting in calc has always been substandard.
  5. The best browser is the one you like the best. Use several and decide for yourself.
  6. I will definately buy it, even if i have to play it on windows. I only hope that the engine doesn't suck as bad as the morrowind one for freezing while loading zones every 2 seconds.
  7. The only things i never liked about mandrake are it's generally bad handling of removable usb memory sticks or cameras and the weird library and header locations. Often programs never compile without a lot of effort(programs that are generally fine in fedora, if only i didn't hate using fedora). Those two issues are the only real issues i have with mandrake now and in the past, but i am still using 10.1 so the first issue may be finally resolved?, i am certain the second issue is not.
  8. I had the same problem, there is even a forum discussion in which everyone mentions they have the same problem.
  9. Hmmm i have commercial games that have linux binaries released UT UT2003 UT2004 Tactical ops Q3A Q3TA -loki version Doom3 myth2 -loki heavy gear2 -loki Civ alpha cent -loki NWN and its 2 expansions. probably a few more i can't think of. I don't think you can really count medal of honor series and serious sam 1 & 2, i have those as well.
  10. johnnyv


    I don't like the interface with opera, i also prefer mozilla suit to firefox. Have used opera to render sites that mozilla wouldn't because of ie coded html. Use konqueror to get on to my bank site as it spoofs the os well enough to pass the banks crappy compatability checks.
  11. Mandriva is a linux dist and we all know linux can do infinite loops in three seconds flat so Mandriva is obviously incredibly fast ;)
  12. Down with software patents! Down with bananas! ;) Yes to Mangoes!
  13. johnnyv

    DVD Movies

    I love mplayer and use it for all video except dvd's because it lacks menu support, for dvd's i use xine.
  14. This is a great idea for me, i often have to update multiple computers in different locations with slow connections, an update cd would be very nice!. Cheers :)
  15. SELECT units.unitName, units.unitCode FROM units, courseUnits WHERE units.unitCode = courseUnits.unitCode AND courseUnits.courseCode = "CTB" Non numeric values must be quoted. Also i think you need to associate the two tables common fields in your WHERE clause "units.unitCode = courseUnits.unitCode". It's early morning here and i have not had my cup of tea yet so it may or may not work ;)
  16. MDK is indeed from the game meaning "murder death kill" so i don't know if it could be used, probably not? It's all so annoying. Tuxstar also seems close to Texstar. Startux looks bad, Damn you magician! ;)
  17. Other Tuxstar, but yeah keep mandrake.
  18. Remeber it is better to run as root then to use leet speak. Still neither is a good idea :P
  19. Some good improvements but unfortuanately the charting abilities are still very very poor even compared to excell. Of course there is stuff like gnuplot which makes excell charts look like a joke but nobody at work accept me will use it. They had apparantly a new charting module in developement that had most of the basically required features but it was cancelled for 2.0 so the charts are the same as in 1.1.x.
  20. Yay the iso's are finally on the jetstreamgames ftp servers so New Zealand adsl users can download at full speed for free now. An hour and a half download total sure beats 12hrs per iso on my normal capped connection.
  21. Just change the theme with the kde tools provided there are heaps of different themes.
  22. johnnyv

    Good Linux RTS

    Would that be http://stratagus.sourceforge.net/ http://bos.seul.org/ looks interesting
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