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    Seems a little harsh, though there have been some people on their (often called 'nexterholland') who go on games just to ruin them by killing their own base, so perhaps that server had some code to automatically stop it (though people shoot their own structures all the time..in fact one of the alien strategies is to encourage humans to knacker their own base). Worth going on the forums at the above link and mentioning it..just in case they share info!
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    17fps may work as long as it's 17fps when there's lots of things happening on the screen - you sure direct rendering and all that is enabled? It shouldn't require terribly impressive stats and even on my very mediocre system it goes at max FPS wise. I guess it depends on what it's like in-game for you :) Like, I said, grab a dretch or a rifle and join in..as with everything there are a few annoying people on there, but many will help if you ask..and the old pros seem to have got used to the influx of noobs since it was released as standalone.
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    Hmm..there should be a few people..just checked, yes (though not that many, better later - US time and all that). If you make sure that, in the servers list page, that the 'Source' is changed to 'internet' and then click on 'Get New List' (and possibly 'Refresh List' if still nothing comes up) then you should see some people around. Obviously go for the server with the lowest ping if you have a choice (it makes a big difference, spesh in games with 10-20+ people). When you are in game, immediately set a name for yourself. Esc->Options Then to correct the resolution problem: Esc->Options->System Hope that helps :) I'm Footissimo / Footissimo@Ubuntu on there..oh and 'T' for all team messaging and 'Y' for messages to just your team. Worth going as a grunt rather than builder if you're new - for humans just select 'rifle' rather than 'construction kit' and for aliens, select 'Dretch'. Aliens are harder work (there's few ranged attacks) but, IMO, more fun - see the manual here
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    It's kinda old news now, but as I can't find anything on this board, it's worth mentioning that the standalone version of Tremulous has been released. For those that don't know, Tremulous is/was a Alien vs Human Quake 3 mod that has been made standalone since the Quake 3 source has been released. The game is (obviously) a FPS though has elements of RTS, through base building and expansion and climbing throught tech / alien levels as kills are made. For those of you have tried it before (when it was a mod) and found the servers rather empty..please have another look - since it's been released, there has been lots of activity and fun to be had :) Worth mentioning that once you press 'play', that you need to change the 'source' to 'internet' and press 'get new list' on the server page...and that the options available once you start the actual game, rather than the front page. It's pretty addictive stuff :)
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    Oldies you enjoyed

    Battlezone 1 (from 1998) wasted far too much time and money on that game. Never really seen anything since in the first person strategy genre that compares and the follow-up was disappointing.
  6. Hmm..doesn't make any difference. I checked the root account and the wastebin is working there so I copied it over to the user account. The desktop entry for the normal user account is: [Desktop Entry] Comment=Contains removed files EmptyIcon=trashcan_empty Encoding=UTF-8 Icon=trashcan_full Name=Wastebin Name[en_GB]=Wastebin Type=Link URL=trash:/ and the root account one is the same, except it isn't localised language-wise - i.e. there are 'Name' and 'Comments' entries for all languages. The fact that the root account wastebin works fine does suggest to me that the user account has, to use a technical term, crapped up..grr! :(
  7. Nope, That's what it was originally set to..just set it back and it's the same as in the screenie. No worries, it's hardly world-ending stuff. Just one of those little annoyances :)
  8. :( Says "malformed URL trash://", sorry
  9. Using KDE 3.4.2 on Mandriva 2006 Whenever I doubleclick the wastebin (to see its contents) I get a malformed URL message - see the attachment below. Now what's weird is that if I use Konq to go to trash:/ then it'll display its contents with no problem. The wastebin icon will also work to empty it's self and everything else - it's only if I doubleclick or right-click/open that the message appears. It's been going on for a few months - I can't for the life of me remember if there was anything that I did before that could have caused it. Had a look around and the only suggestion seems to be to transfer everything to a new user profile...which is a lot of work for a problem that is relatively minor and has a work around...soo any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Need a multiple choice thingy for the poll :) Pretty average home user: Internet/email (Firefox/T'bird), video (Kaffeine), writing / data gathering (OOo), editing HTML (errr...Kate). Occasionally: Music (Amarok), Games (See Tuxgames :) ) Still have to have an XP partition for PSP (sorry GIMP) and Activesync (no equivalent for WM5..yet)
  11. It worked Wonder why it did that anyway :unsure: I'll check the root a/c before trying it, it may not be affected :) Thanks again! :)
  12. Apologies for the excessively general title :) I'm using stock Mandriva 2006 (KDE 3.41) and noticed a few things over the last couple of weeks - notably that my file manager icon disassociated itself from Konqueror along with other a ton of other KDE icons (e.g. a lot of the KDE configuration shortcuts in the kmenu..some icons I associated myself) within the Kmenu. Not a huge problem, as they can be started via 'Run command' or the console, but I figured that I'd have a look at 'Configure my desktop' and that shortcut has disappeared..and the right click menu to do the same just doesn't do anything (it does say 'configure desktop', but clicking on it does nothing). I *think* that this occurred after I updated the last time, but I may have just not noticed :( Anyone experienced something similar? Thanks in advance! :)
  13. I tried to click on that code, but nothing happened! ;) "Windows users are dumb" vs "many Windows users don't want to spend ages learning about their OS"..watch out, it could get dull! Its a pointless arguement anyway - in terms of home desktop users, linux is very likely to be a minority (whether you mean 'firefox' minority or a couple of percent minority as it is at the moment) sport for people who know better than just to 'click everything' for a long time to come. Ho hum.
  14. Perhaps I should try running them under WINE :)
  15. Yeah, I did check the site out a bit further after posting and realised it was a vector prog - the front page and features page confused me into thinking it was more of a PS / PSP replacement. :( Surely there is a broader issue of competition as well? Obviously, the open source nature of Inkscape (and soon to be Xara) obfuscates the 'competition is good!' cliche, but if it pushes both packages more.. Also, GPLing Xara will allow Xara developers to use GPLed code from Inkscape (as well as the other way around), though how that would affect the non-OS / non-free Windows version, I haven't got a clue (surely they'd have to open source that if they were to port back any improvements??)
  16. Ahem Apparently Avast is worth having a look at too (in terms of free Windows AVs), though I stick AVG on all the Windows machines I inevitably get roped into clearing.
  17. Has anyone used this before (on Windows) - the makers are making it open source and porting it to linux. It mentions web graphics and photo manipulation in the blurb...how does it compare in these areas to PS and PSP on Win? Answers on a postcard.. :) [moved from Art & Design by spinynorman]
  18. I've seen quite a few, but they never work when you try to run them ;) Seriously though, its perhaps more significant as being another well-known software company that is willing to support linux..and if linux ever does get a 'virus plague' then at least one of the best free (beer, not speech) virus apps is available. Ho hum.
  19. ..for free apparently. I'll be sure to download it as soon as malware becomes a problem.. *doesn't hold breath* [moved from Security by spinynorman]
  20. 2006 seems fine and all that - boots up faster than 2005LE, even with more services disabled though I can't seem to get the transparency / shading features working within KDE even after adding the Composite section to Xorg (no biggie as I'd probably just switch it off soon after anyway). The wallpaper is a lot better, though it would be nice if they (in KDE) got some design people in to spruce up the default setup - the defaults for the kicker wallpaper, desktop fonts, some of the look and feel choices (such as the bouncing cursor follower thingy), sounds and icons are dull or just plain wrong. Its no bother to change it all to something a little nicer, but the defaults are what appear on reviews and screenies. The music for the KDE intro is just wrongwrongwrong. Edit: How long will it take for the easyurpmi entry to appear for 2006?
  21. Downloading it now (would use torrents, but the transparent ones aren't up). Feeling quite excited that I'll have it in a few hours. Getting excited over an operating system - sad eh :P
  22. Is the dropshadow/transparency even stable yet? Last time I tried it (not long after 3.4 was released) it seemed like a bit of a mare and I went back to stock 3.3 / LE2005.
  23. You can also see a large list of free/OSS/commercial games that'll run natively on linux here
  24. Not seen smartcentre and I don't know of any third party apps on linux that do similar, but you can make up such a bar in KDE (and presumably, GNOME) - in KDE you can just right click on the kicker and make a 'child panel' that can be configured just like a normal kicker - in GNOME there are these little drawer things you can make to save even more space, but not sure about KDE (I'm sure someone has done it!)
  25. Introversion, makers of Darwinia and Uplink (both ported to Linux) may be in trouble as suggested by a post on their board. As Introversion is one of the few companies that will port directly to linux, it may be worth, if you're looking for a new game, casting your eye on Darwinia. Its a great game in its own right with good reviews. A playable linux demo can be found here (..and yes, I've bought it! :) )
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