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  1. I haven't used Mandriva since 2006. I've been considering installing it again as the 2008 live cd looks very promising. It is certainly much more polished than Ubuntu. I've given Fedora a go and Tried OpenSuse many times. But all these distros have some little thing here or there that bugs the hell out of me. I have a few questions about it since its been a while since I have used it. 1) When the updates come in does it update ONLY whats installed on my system? Or do the updates still want to update everything that is an update? 2) How is bluetooth out of the box? Is it fairly easy to associate a bluetooth keyboard and mouse? 3) Has anyone tried installing it on one of the new Aluminum iMacs? If so how did it go? Thanks in advance to anyone with info about these things.
  2. After compiling my own kernel from kernel.org I was able to get the acpi to work properly along with my wireless. Both issues fixed by me just doing it myself. Thanks for the help!
  3. My wife has sent me on a quest to find a DV Cam that is linux compatible. First of all I have never used a DV Cam or even looked into them before. So I would also like to know how to connect them to linux and what programs work well in creating DVD videos. I would even settle on svcd. Basically, which camera is reccomended and which programs are effective and easy enough to use that even my wife can do it?
  4. GREAT! The new kernel worked. The only issue i have now is that I can't get my wireless card working anymore. I have an atheros chipset. I dowloaded madwifi and made it from source. but it says it is missing the ath_pci package. Oh well. I guess i'll keep trying
  5. I had never thought about trying different kernels. After searching I have found a laptop-multimedia kernel. I'll give that a shot. Also, i removed acpi and acpid and that seemed to fix the issue. Now I cant use my laptop like a laptop. Anyways, I'll give that kernel a shot along with acpi and see what it does.
  6. try using wget. Copy the url of the file you want to download, ftp, http, whatever and then type into a terminal "wget http://copiedurl" It always works well for me.
  7. Good Idea. However, I already have Ubuntu running on this machine and it works fine. Ubuntu does not play friendly with CUPS however. I have Installed Suse and Fedora and they all run fine too. I just seem to have this issue with MDV 2007. I guess its just not meant to be on my laptop. Thanks for the ideas and troubleshooting tips.
  8. I have just found another symptom. This may be more helpful in diagnosing this issue. My system clock passes one minuite in the time space of about 15 seconds. My system clock is screaming at 4x faster than it should be going. And my BIOS is very simple and there are no options in there that would affect anything.
  9. Sorry, I should have been more specific. In KDE the default icon notification is to have the icons bounce as they an application is opened. These are moving extremely fast. I have already slowed down the keyboard and mouse with the settings. However this does not actually fix the problem, it only addresses a symptom. I have never seen behavior like this before on any other distribution which is why I am so baffled. Thanks for the idea and information. I'll have a look at my BIOS to see if there is anything there.
  10. I just installed mandriva 2007 on my laptop. I had issues getting my video card working for my ATI Raedon 200M Express. I finally was able to get it working with the "ati" driver after trying the raedon driver and the vesa driver. Now thats all fine and dandy and I thought that was the issue. I installed the proprietary ATI fglrx driver and restarted my xserver. Still I had super fast bouncing icons, super fast keyboard repeat and super fast double click. These are just a few symptoms I have noticed. While in init level 1 i was able to use my keyboard just fine. it functioned as it should. While in init level 3 i could not use my keyboard because of the crazy fast keyboard repeat problem. I have searched google relentlessly looking for a fix to this issue. All I can find is how fast the distro is or how slow the distro is. I can not seem to find anyone else with this issue. I'm not sure what is causing it or why it is happening. If anyone has information on what may be causing this I would love to hear it. Anything helps because I am baffled. Although I do know that my graphics card is more than likely not the issue. Everything works well with other distros i have tried on this laptop. Edit Update: I started shutting down services one by one and checking the system. No services were found to be the culprit. Hardware specs: Toshiba Satellite A101-105S 1.6 ghz processor 700 + mb ram. ati raedon express 200M graphics card
  11. No. You can still get the Win98 updates. There are just no new updates made no matter how large a security hole is found or exists. And MS will no longer give any technical support to Win98.
  12. The Rio Karma also plays ogg files. However they are no longer manufactured so you have to get them off e-bay or a resale store. The RCA Lyra connects as a usb device. You can transfer files to it as if it were a hard drive. Same as the IRiver. However the RCA Lyra does not do ogg. Most mp3 players will connect as a usb mass storage device. All but the iPod. But as far as i know the Karma and IRiver are the only ones that do ogg.
  13. I don't think dualbooting is worth all the hassle and loss of hard drive space. Moving to Linux cured me of the loads of time I spent playing games. I only play linux native games now. It gave me a lot less options but also comes a lot more time to be more productive. I find that the older I get the less I want to play a game that takes 4-6 hours and the more I want to play a game that can be over in 20-30 min.
  14. The original Zelda game on the nes. I know it isn't a pc game but wow, It is sweet. Also Scorched Earth, as well as the old school 80's Wheel of Fortune and Jepoardy!
  15. I had the same issue in Mandriva 2006 on my old school laptop. I switched from kdm (kde display manager) to gdm (gnome display manager). It is kind of a pain because I have to logout before I shut down my system but it works much better. No more green and blue lines and messed up icons. I cant tell you exactly how to change your display manager because I'm using a lesser os right now but I believe there is a gui for it in the Control Center. You may need to install gdm as well.
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