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Show off your Desktop (November 2005)


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My desktop changed a lot... so here we go again...


Mandriva 2006

Running Kde on a 2.8 Intel Prescott.


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I've got a dumb question - what's that application starter thing on the bottom of your screen - is that part of normal KDE or an additional add-on? Seems like a good way to split off the kicker from the taskbar, rather than have them both squashed up together on the same bar.

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Kooldock, But you may want to try Ksmoothdock or Kxdocker as Kooldock is very buggy and abandonned... I'm just using it while wainting for version 3.6 of Ksmoothdock, because it's the only one for now with a decent autohide feature.


Find them all on Kdelook.org



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My desktop changed a lot since I posted here last.





wallpapers made by me, running kde.





Can i ask what font you are using in your first screenshot, at the top of the screen where you have your gmail details?


thanks :-)

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