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  1. my desktop since last month, but it didn't change at all :-) i'm too stable i guess :-) kubuntu breezy 5.10 running on Celeron 1.3 with 512MB RAM
  2. I've been using Mandrake since 2000 and was very addicted to it :-) i was screaming "Mandrake" all over the world.. but then.. i've heard about the ubuntu "thingy" :-) to be honest - i don't like gnome, so i thought - well.. i'll wait for a KDE version of this beast.. voilla :-) kubuntu kame in :-) Installed the Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger... what can i say - much smoother and polished then Mandriva "out of the box". no tweaks needed to be done... Mandriva is a great distro.. don't understand me wrong.. i still love it and will love it... but this... it just going to be something REALLY bad to happen so i will decide to remove it... bottom line - try kubuntu if you like KDE...
  3. I'm not sure that this is the correct place to ask about but if i'm wrong i will move to another forum. The problem of mine is like this - i'm looking for an easy to read and to install mail server howto. Something with courier IMAP. It's for home use only so nothing special should be in it... spamassasin, postfix/sendmail and courier. off course with the smtp auth. If anyone has something like this written (with step by step actions) i will appreciate if this person will share it... Thanks a lot in advance [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. another solution that might help - open up your box, take the NIC out of it and put it on another slot... or exchange slots with the sound card (that usually helps)
  5. OK CTRL+ALT+F1 login as root # useradd [your_user] (where "[your_user]" is YOUR user name, like : useradd ericyopyop) then: #passwd ericyopyop Enter new password: (you enter your new password here) again: (type the password again) then CTRL+ALT+F7, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, login as ericyopyop with your newly created password
  6. ok. try running this: # service network stop # ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask gateway # ifup lo # ifup ppp0 then check with your browser. If it worked - tell me and we will proceed from there...
  7. My first submission to your desktop contest :-) Simplicity is the Key Mandrake 10.1 OE, Fluxbox 0.9.11, gkrellm (invisible theme), Mozilla FireFox 1.0, XMMS, GAIM. Wallpaper from www.ikaro.dk CrystalGreen mouse cursors set from www.kde-look.org There are 5 more workspaces but i can't show them all :-) so only the entertaintment one is here :-) Hope you like it
  8. Hi It's a known thing (at least i know it happens a lot) All yo have to do (usually helps me) - CTRL+ALT+F1 to go to the non graphycal terminal, login as root, then run passwd [your_user_name] enter your password and the problem will disappear forever. just remeber to go back to CTRL+ALT+F7 and press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to restart the X
  9. Hi I was having almost the same problem but i got it fixed... run drakconnect as root and configure it as ADSL connection. Then open a terminal, su to root and run this: # service network stop # ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask gateway # ifup lo # ifup ppp0 it should do it. If you are ok with those come back here and i will explain to you how to make the settings permanent
  10. Hi All I don't know if this question has been answered already (i didn't find anything about it in the forum) but i need help... The problem of mine is that i have only 1 NIC in the machine that has to be a gateway. That means i want to configure both PPP and LAN (ETH) connections on the same NIC. It has been always working fine for me since i used MDK.. but i always upgraded through urpmi (from 9.0 to 9.1 and so on). But now i've installed a fresh install and i can't undertsand why can't i configure that with the drakconnect. Is that possible ? or i have to find my way with the configuration files ? If anybody knows the answer it would be wonderfull to have it. Thanks a lot in advance
  11. you should look at mondo http://www.mondorescue.com
  12. Are you sure you don't have a DRDOS floppy disc in the drive ? Are you sure you've configured the BIOS to make the ocmputer to boot from the CDROM as a first boot device ?
  13. open a terminal, su to root then type: # less /etc/init.d/internet This will show you the content of the "internet" service's script.. try to understand what does it do :)
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