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  1. my desktop since last month, but it didn't change at all :-) i'm too stable i guess :-) kubuntu breezy 5.10 running on Celeron 1.3 with 512MB RAM
  2. I've been using Mandrake since 2000 and was very addicted to it :-) i was screaming "Mandrake" all over the world.. but then.. i've heard about the ubuntu "thingy" :-) to be honest - i don't like gnome, so i thought - well.. i'll wait for a KDE version of this beast.. voilla :-) kubuntu kame in :-) Installed the Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger... what can i say - much smoother and polished then Mandriva "out of the box". no tweaks needed to be done... Mandriva is a great distro.. don't understand me wrong.. i still love it and will love it... but this... it just going to be something REALLY bad to happen so i will decide to remove it... bottom line - try kubuntu if you like KDE...
  3. I'm not sure that this is the correct place to ask about but if i'm wrong i will move to another forum. The problem of mine is like this - i'm looking for an easy to read and to install mail server howto. Something with courier IMAP. It's for home use only so nothing special should be in it... spamassasin, postfix/sendmail and courier. off course with the smtp auth. If anyone has something like this written (with step by step actions) i will appreciate if this person will share it... Thanks a lot in advance [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. another solution that might help - open up your box, take the NIC out of it and put it on another slot... or exchange slots with the sound card (that usually helps)
  5. OK CTRL+ALT+F1 login as root # useradd [your_user] (where "[your_user]" is YOUR user name, like : useradd ericyopyop) then: #passwd ericyopyop Enter new password: (you enter your new password here) again: (type the password again) then CTRL+ALT+F7, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, login as ericyopyop with your newly created password
  6. ok. try running this: # service network stop # ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask gateway # ifup lo # ifup ppp0 then check with your browser. If it worked - tell me and we will proceed from there...
  7. My first submission to your desktop contest :-) Simplicity is the Key Mandrake 10.1 OE, Fluxbox 0.9.11, gkrellm (invisible theme), Mozilla FireFox 1.0, XMMS, GAIM. Wallpaper from www.ikaro.dk CrystalGreen mouse cursors set from www.kde-look.org There are 5 more workspaces but i can't show them all :-) so only the entertaintment one is here :-) Hope you like it
  8. Hi It's a known thing (at least i know it happens a lot) All yo have to do (usually helps me) - CTRL+ALT+F1 to go to the non graphycal terminal, login as root, then run passwd [your_user_name] enter your password and the problem will disappear forever. just remeber to go back to CTRL+ALT+F7 and press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to restart the X
  9. Hi I was having almost the same problem but i got it fixed... run drakconnect as root and configure it as ADSL connection. Then open a terminal, su to root and run this: # service network stop # ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask gateway # ifup lo # ifup ppp0 it should do it. If you are ok with those come back here and i will explain to you how to make the settings permanent
  10. Hi All I don't know if this question has been answered already (i didn't find anything about it in the forum) but i need help... The problem of mine is that i have only 1 NIC in the machine that has to be a gateway. That means i want to configure both PPP and LAN (ETH) connections on the same NIC. It has been always working fine for me since i used MDK.. but i always upgraded through urpmi (from 9.0 to 9.1 and so on). But now i've installed a fresh install and i can't undertsand why can't i configure that with the drakconnect. Is that possible ? or i have to find my way with the configuration files ? If anybody knows the answer it would be wonderfull to have it. Thanks a lot in advance
  11. you should look at mondo http://www.mondorescue.com
  12. Are you sure you don't have a DRDOS floppy disc in the drive ? Are you sure you've configured the BIOS to make the ocmputer to boot from the CDROM as a first boot device ?
  13. open a terminal, su to root then type: # less /etc/init.d/internet This will show you the content of the "internet" service's script.. try to understand what does it do :)
  14. phunni - those settings are set in the display manager leverl. If you use KDM you can set it with KControl.....
  15. If you have a fast internet connection (adsl/cable) it wouold be much better to stop using the CDROM medias for rpms... I ALWAYS remove all the cdrom medias after install and then add internet medias. Another way to do that - cop all the RPM folders from the cdroms to your local HD (if you have enough space) and then add them to your urpmi with urpmi.addmedia Anyway, a great site that has most of the mirrors for mandrake's rpms is http://zarb.org/easyurpmi Go there and read about it....
  16. Open up a terminal, su to root and run draksplash. In there select a theme you want to use and Apply the changes then close it. Voilla..... BTW verify your "vga=" line in /etc/lilo.conf contains the correct value for your display and splash settings.
  17. When you start the VMWARE virtual machine, click with your mouse inside the screen immediate after the startup and press F2 to enter the "BIOS" of vmware. In there go to the boot options and select to boot from CDROM first. This should get you booting...
  18. AFAIK, Mandrake keeps installing the SuperMount patch into it's kernels and i've just checked it. The 2.6.7-mdk has the patch inside.. i know it for sure since i've just added the patch to my own source and compiled the source.. everything works just fine...
  19. can you please explain what do you mean by "kickstart" ?
  20. It's not available for ANYONE yet since it's not released YET. By rumors from within MandrakeSoft - it MIGHT be released at October 7. Again - ONLY rumors
  21. Hmmmmmmmm Thats interesting..... I'm very active in Mandrake's community (at least on IRC) and even op'ing in #mandrake on freenode... but AFAIK - there are no Final isos released yet.... so please make it clear for us.... What exactly did you download ?? Phazeman
  22. phazeman


    I have only one thing to tell you - mldonkey and mldonkey-gui. Install it with urpmi (plf or texstar). When you installng - get all the packages that starts with 'mldonkey'. There are 4 of them i think. after you are done setting it up - su to root and 'service mldonkey start'. After that you can launch the mldonkey-gui or telnet to your localhost:4000 or open the browser to your localhost:4001. I like the mldonkey-gui. Very easy to configure and use, supports up to 7 networs (sharereactor, gnutella, donkey, bittorrent, etc..) Hope this helps. Phazeman
  23. I know the exact answer to your question. Those old machines are not supporting the boot from CDROM properly or doesn't support at all. I would suggest you to get the floppy.img on some floppy and boot with it when your install cd is in the cdrom. Hope this helps. Phazeman.
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