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  1. How would we go about doing that? I've got some spare time and there are machines sat around my office not even plugged in. Feel free to PM me about it.
  2. True. Hopefully it'll help educate some users though.
  3. Are you wanting to unistall an rpm or a program you compiled from source?
  4. I have no idea what SyncToy really does, but unison might be the sort of thing you're looking for.
  5. In cases such as this where we're not sure of the case of all the characters you should probably do: rpm -qa | grep -i amule which makes grep case-insensitive.
  6. This has been going for quite a while now, hopefully they can pull it off to the point where nobody needs those awful binary blob drivers.
  7. Yup. I'm guessing Qchem is trying to run some legacy app that probably won't see an update anytime soon! Yeah, it's also proprietary so I can't get at the code and when a new version is released I have no idea if it will work. To save pain on my part it might be best that I try a different distro, one with Xorg 6.something
  8. I need to find libXft.so.1 for a piece of software that we run. Anyone any ideas where I might be able to find it? I've managed to get libXft.so.2 but linking it to the desired name was a no go.
  9. Well, he has some valid points and a load of junk: 1) Gaming If you're seriously in to gaming on a PC rather then console then you're probably better off with Windows and that is likely to remain the case for a long time. Cedega seems to work well for some people, but the people I know that are fanatical gamers would dismiss this as too much effort (read in to that what you will ;) ). 2) Software Support Umm, this is where he misses the point, and where the average Joe he's talking about probably misses the point of Linux and software freedom too. Being pragmatic about it I can see why some people will want to buy photoshop, but how much non-gaming software that you see for sale in your local store is worth paying money for? 3) Stop assuming people are Linux experts Face it, Linux is written by geeks and adding user-friendly features is pretty much bottom of their TODO lists. But, there are places for people to look for help - if they can't be bothered searching and reading (hardly need to be a Linux expert to do either of those - waddle over to google and type Mandriva help) then how on earth is anyone meant to help them. 4) Hardware support Not the fault of Linux developers, perhaps instead of writing FUD he could try to lobby manufacturers to either produce binary blob drivers (will do at a push) or produce true FLOSS drivers. He probably would have more wieght with them than an army of Linux heads. 5) Too many flavours Someone give this guy a copy of the Cathedral and the Bazaar, he just doesn't get it at the moment. 6) OS zealots He has a point here, but without people preaching how good Linux and other OS's are how would the masses actually learn of their existance in this MS dominated world.
  10. If you ever want to lock the file properly (and are using ext2 or ext3) you can do the following: chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf then dhcp won't overwrite it.
  11. su isn't actually a user, it means switch user. The username is actually root, but you should use the su command to switch to the root account as Ian suggests.
  12. Qchem

    XMMS in 2007?

    I guess the thinking is that XMMS is pretty old and outdated. Of course some people (including me) would argue this is rubbish. As long as it can be easily downloaded I'm not too upset.
  13. I'm a big SGI fan too, there's a couple of octanes and a origin 2000 hanging around the office. Whilst they're pretty much useless for research these days I can't bring myself to throw them away! In my professional life I'm a computational chemist and there's a UK wide working party that have just bought a new computer as a central resource. It's an SGI altix with 224 Itanium 2 cores, 896 GB of RAM and some silly number of TB of storage. Perhaps that's what's helped bring SGI back to life ;) I really hope they survive.
  14. Qchem


    And what should I do? You should probably check if anyone has reported the bug to mandriva and if they haven't, report one. If you're desperate to use gnuplot now, perhaps you could uninstall the rpm and install from source.
  15. Why bother removing SANE? Even if you'll never use it, it doesn't take up that much space.
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