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  1. Wow. I'm under Dapper Drake and I got XGL+Compiz working fine. Very impressive, and really stable for a beta. :-)
  2. Replace mandriva with ubuntu? I did it myself some weeks ago. What I like : - Apt-Get and Synaptic... I never was able to upgrade Kde on Mandriva. I tried all the unnoficial Repos, the tutorials and How-tos, but I always found myself reinstalling from the cd. With Kubuntu, I log in IceWM, start Synaptic, whis always point to the latest version of Kde, 1 click, and 20min later, voilĂ .. brand new Kde. The downloading is really faster than in Mandriva, and the choice of packages is at least as good if not better. - Plf exist for Ubuntu. - Nvidia ? No more command line : all in the repos : just install nvidia-glx and edit xorg.conf. - There is a large French community, which is nice for me. - No ''club'' : everyone have access to the same things at the same time. What I don't like : - The floppy won't automount. - Longer boot time : it's beeing worked on for the next release. - Non graphical installation : it's beeing worked on for the next release. - Nongraphical boot... - I miss the Mandrake control center... there supposed to port Yast to Ubuntu in the future, but that may take a while. I would say I'm happy with the switch, but then, as always, it's a question of choice and freedom. I can't help to feel that Mandriva is, more and more, working with enterprises and towards professionals solutions, which is really nice for the Gnu/Linux OS, but not that nice for the common end-user... Ubuntu seems to me more ''desktop for the guy at home'' oriented.
  3. Kooldock, But you may want to try Ksmoothdock or Kxdocker as Kooldock is very buggy and abandonned... I'm just using it while wainting for version 3.6 of Ksmoothdock, because it's the only one for now with a decent autohide feature. Find them all on Kdelook.org :D
  4. My desktop changed a lot... so here we go again... Mandriva 2006 Running Kde on a 2.8 Intel Prescott.
  5. I don't think the issue as been adressed before (I searched the forum already, but maybe I missed it) but it looks like Kmail is using my /home/user folder as a "temp" folder. Anyway, everytime I open a document from the Kmail Gui, I find a strange file in my home folder.. pictures, texts, etc. I delete them manually, but it's getting anoying. I checked in the Kmail configuration settings, but everything seems alright.. Could someone help ? Using Mandriva 2006 Powerpack, with Kde. Thanks ! Hibou
  6. Well, My first Mandriva 2006 desktop... Kde, Baghira themed and Kooldock and Amarok running. Simple and easy to use.
  7. Hibou


    Example : The search engine in the urpmi gui (mandrake control center) seems pretty slow... could we use the inotify kernel in order to speed that ?
  8. Hibou


    A simple suggestion about a suggestion list... I find this board most usefull for technics problems and a little philosophical / political chat on the ''of the wall'' topic. :P But I think a forum like this one, revolving around madriva, collects a lot of user experience, thus enabling us to partake in the making of the OS. Some of you are coders, other contributes to Gnome or Kde throught kdelook and such. But, as I am neither a coder, nor an artist, but I am indeed an user, I feel a little restricted in my present contribution, which is only to fill bug reports. To say it is boring is an understatement. I also often find myself to aks questions as : would that work ? Is there a better way to do this ? Why is that not done ? Why is this problem, I find on almost every users board, of every distribution has not been taken care off ? I also often think : that would be usefull, that would be great, why didn't think about this user interface feature ? Mandriva has surely taken the way towards an easy to use linux, but with the choice to go under the hood, and change what we don't like. So why not go under the hood of the configurations / accessibility problems, and lokk if we could not provide mandriva with usefull advices. I think a linux distro with good feedback from the users is the way to ensure the success of the distro. So I propose a suggestion list : when you encounter on this board a problem which appears to be a purely ''mandriva'' problem, or a problem caused by a bad integration of the components, so, a problem mandriva should take care of, and not, lets say, the kde or mplayer team, lets propose to mandriva the problem. For it to work I think we would need a topic moderator who would knows the working of mandriva pretty well, and who could tell us, when a suggestion is made if it is totally stupid from a coder point of view. When a problem or a suggestion would seems mure enough, we could then send it to the Mandriva team. As an example : a first proposition, probably totally stupid :D
  9. Hibou

    USB Detection

    Try this Howto : http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/USB-Compact_Flash.html Worked for me...
  10. Lots of free online boards games ! http://www.brettspielwelt.de/gate/jsp/base...x.jsp?nation=en Play with a Java enabled browser or download the applet ! Meet you there !
  11. There you go ! Kde 3.3.2 - Baghira Theme + Reinhard icon set + Kooldock + Super Karamba
  12. Ok, I'm interrested in trying e17 : http://www.enlightenment.org/Enlightenment/DR17/ No packages on Urpmi... they are on Cooker, but I've read that the best way to try it is to use CVS. Now, As I understand, CVS is a program which allow you to install and update another program considered to be a "work in progress". Now, How do I use CVS to get e17 ? Could somemeone post a Howto ? Thanks in advance !
  13. I followed this Howto, worked fine for me... Enjoy ! http://www.speculation.org/garrick/java.html Oh, and if you like Board Games, When you have Java installed, try this : http://www.brettspielwelt.de/gate/jsp/base...x.jsp?nation=en You can download the applet on your computer, or play in your browser ... Hibou
  14. Hibou

    KDE 3.4.2

    Thanks, But, i'm back on good old Le-2005... could not live without the automount... :P I'll try to upgrade again in a few weeks... Hibou
  15. Hibou

    KDE 3.4.2

    Hi there ! I just made the jump to Cooker, after two years using Mandrake/Mandriva (got totally rid of MsWindows after one year of dual-boot), I felt enough at ease to ''live on the edge''. After all, if something goes wrong, I still have my LE-2005 Cds ! I just upgraded to Kde 3.4.2, and with the help of S0S-Kde and SOS-LE2005, everything was easy, but it seems I have the same problem than Latem here... Why would they disable Hal and automount in 2006 ? Is this a temporary problem, or are they planing to change that definitly ? I'm asking, because I use my computer to read Dvds, Cds, save on a usb flash drive, download pictures from my Camera, etc. and I would really miss this feature... So, should I wait for an upgrade, or should I begin to search for a workaround ? Thanks in advance. Hibou Edit : Also, Seems I cannot set a Screensaver no more... that doesn't disturb me too much, but it would be nice. If you have any idea...
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