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Thac and Zé's KDE 3.4 rpms


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Gee wiz!!

I checked that too, thats really sad on my behalf.


Its KSysguard that needs kdebase-prog i think then, must be confusing myself.


Ok so i ran KSysguard and here's what i get.


ksysguardd 1.2.0
(c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org> and
(c) 2001 Tobias Koenig <tokoe@kde.org>
This program is part of the KDE Project and licensed under
the GNU GPL version 2. See http://www.kde.org for details.
ksysguardd: symbol lookup error: ksysguardd: undefined symbol: XextFindDisplay

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Yeah i listedall RPM's with kde in them in MCC and i either have 3.4.xx or some other things with 3.2.xx


There is a heap with 3.2 although i was running 3.3.1 before upgrading to 3.4 *confused*


Hey i ment to say earlier, thanx alot for all your work Thac!!! I have been using your RPM's for a little while now, keep up the great work!

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I've just upgraded my kde3.4 upon reading this, ofcourse from 1st release of thacs kde 3.4 also, everythings doin well before, but after those available upgrade has been installled, it does display, but when cliking the kde start menu, the panel will just gone, dunno why! well, after trying to find out why, got no luck, so what i did was reinstalled all the package related to kde... I remove all kde packages, then install the latest packages, still from thacs.. so now, I have this new kde installed... the problem with the panel that just disappeared has been fixed, but the new problem appears... almost all of the applications on the start menu duplicated itself. I'd tried the menu editor but no luck, still there... I created a new user and tried to log in there, but the problem still appears, see attached image.. .. the menu duplicates... eh.. is there something wrong with the new packages that i've installed... ???




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I have successful KDE 3.4 but when I downloaded mplayer and superkaramba, but they are not on Kmenu??


Nevermind, they showed up after restart my computer. I though they should show up right after I installed like I did in KDE 3.3.2??


Also, question for you, why do I get double and double like as examples from:


Configure kopete

Configure kopete


There are not only two, but several of them...

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Well i fixed all my problems


Logout of KDE and into Gnome

Opened up MCC and Software Managment

Selected to remove and searched the term 'kde'

selected all and removed


Then went to install

searched 'kdebase'

selected Thacs 3.4

dependencies were added by the package manager




logged out of Gnome and into KDE and all worked perfect.


Of course i had to go in and individual add other apps like k3b, knotes, korganizer, noatun etc etc


But they all work now .... so far anyway :)

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mandrake 10.1, from PowerPack DVD.


urpmi kdebase


After install, Wacom Graphire2 tablet no longer functions. No errors, no useful log output. Simply fails to do anything. Not even reccognized as a generic USB by MCC.


On the bright side, my Logitrac TrackMan Marble+ still works like a champ.

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