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  1. Auto update

    If you have a PC that's on 24/7 you can run updates automatically. Open your favorite cron editor as root (I prefer kcron or webmin) and open a new job. In the command field put: /usr/sbin/urpmi.update update and have it run every day at a specified time and save it. Open another new job and put in: /usr/sbin/urpmi --media update --auto --auto-select and run it every day at a time after the first job. Save that job too. That's it :) PS. Fill it the complete path, ie. /usr/sbin/, else it won't work.
  2. Mandriva has finally updated lirc to version 0.71 so that it can be used by the remotes that come with the popular Hauppaugge WinTV cards. There are many places on the web that help you get lirc working. For example aRTee has a very good article on his website that explains how you should get lirc working (link). However for most people the following short explenation should be enough: -1- intall 'lirc-0.7.1-5mdk' and 'lirc-remotes-0.6.6-4mdk'. -2- copy from /usr/share/lirc-remotes the lircd.conf for your remote to /etc (for example for the Hauppauge remotes: cp /usr/share/lirc-remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge /etc/lircd.conf -3- Open with your favorite text editor '/etc/sysconfig/lircd' and change the 'DRIVER=xxxxxx' line to 'DRIVER=DEFAULT' and the 'HWMOD=xxxxx' line to HWMOD=<the lirc module for your card. (for example for the Hauppage card: lirc-i2c) -4- Open the Mandriva Control Center, system, services and start the 'lircd' service. -5- open a console and type: irw (if you get a permission problem, log in as root and type: chomd 666 /dev/lirc/0). Press some buttons on your remote ad you should get to see soem output. Good luck. :)
  3. Step by step: type: urpmq --list-media Note the install media (probably something like dvd or cd1) Log in as root and type: urpmi.removemedia <install media> Still logged in as root type: urpmi.addmedia contrib ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/Man...6/media/contrib with media_info/hdlist.cz and type: urpmi.addmedia main ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/Man...i586/media/main with media_info/hdlist.cz and type: urpmi.addmedia --update updates ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/Man...0/main_updates/ with media_info/hdlist.cz Now type: urpmi libxorg-X11 Type: urpmi icewm (a basic window manager) Type: mcc (for mandriva control center) and configure your videocard. Log out as root (by typing exit) and type: startx icewm Make sure your favorite DE (Gnome or KDE or whatever) is installed, log out of icewm by clicking start, logout and type: startx startkde (for example)
  4. Cellphone via usb

    I don´t think (google :) ) it´s possible to connect through usb (only as mass storage so that would be /dev/sdXX). It is possible to connect trhough bluetooth. Setup a bluetooth connection and with tools like kdebluetooth it will be possible to make an internet connection.
  5. You don´t need X for the installation to complete. Just leave the configuration and finish thge installation. When you boot into Mandriva for the first time add the main and contrib urpmi repo´s, remove the dvd repo and type: urpmi libxorg-X11. That will install X from the mirrors so if a faulty dvd is the prblem this would solve your problems. edit: if this is all new to you want a step by step walk trhough let me now :)
  6. Ultra Newbie Quandry

    I moved this topic to software from the tips and tricks orum. Tip: If you want more information about how software install works on Mandriva read the wiki (link at the top of the page or in my sig)
  7. Block Move Error 0xAE

    At the liloboot splash hit F1 and type: linux noapic acpi=off
  8. New article on MDV 2006

    I just read the comments on Slashdot. More then half of the comments are from Ububtus users telling how much better Ubuntu is then Mandriva and the other half are complains about spelling errors. Slashdot isn´t what is used to be.
  9. Create Multiple File DVD [solved]

    Tip: for a simple DVD try qdvdautor (a graphical fronted for dvdauthor). For a menu with more whistles and bells try the kommander script dvdauthor wizard http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=27528
  10. Encoding failed - Kaudiocreator

    Probably a permission problem. Try saving the ripped files in your home directory and try again.
  11. music editing software

    http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Audacity
  12. Looking for the program xastir

    Neither do I... I found a rpm with google in contrib but for a different mandriva version. I assumed that there would be a rpm for your version too. Sorry.
  13. Did you have by any chance a usb mouse connected when you booted up? Unplug it (or any other usb devices) and try again.
  14. the system doesn't boot

    You mean the PC doesn't find your HD? Or do you see the lilo splashscreen? If it's the former check your bios settings. If it's the second, hit F1 and post the errors.
  15. Looking for the program xastir

    Xasir is in contrib. make sure you have configured urpmi correctly. read our wiki (link at top of the page) how to install software on mandriva.
  16. something weird... need advice! [solved]

    No you probably got it when your browser crashed due to a java error.
  17. New kde-3.5.2 by MDE

    There are some problems with the mirrors (or thac or ze were updating the mirror). Just keep trying. :)
  18. New kde-3.5.2 by MDE

    note: Right now there are some problems with the warwick mirror. If you are using that mirror remove it from urpmi and add the mde mirror. If you don't have mde in your urpmi and you want o add it make sure to select the mde mirror.
  19. New kde-3.5.2 by MDE

    Try removing an adding the mde repo. All packages are there afar as I can see. http://www.mde.djura.org/2006.0/RPMS/kde-3.5.2/
  20. XMMS refuses to navigate to files

    Could be a configuration problem. Rename the .xmms folder in your /home/your name and try again.
  21. adding mde repository? [solved]

    I can't get the warwick mirror but mde works: http://www.mde.djura.org/index2006.0.html Just read the instruction on the bottom of the page. I believe there are some problems with the warwick mirrors.
  22. I got hacked

    Also enable security notification in the MCC. Fill in your username, create a local email account (or fll in your email adress but it´s less safe because the email will be send unencrypted over the intrnet). You will get every day two mails: a security mail with opened ports, suspicioes files and if you install chrootkit a check if a rootkit is installed. And a diff mail with chances what ports have opened, what rpm packages got intalled.
  23. I got hacked

    I think it´s better to wipe everything of the hds and start over. Who knows what´s left behind in /home. Take no chances. Just make a copy of your important data (music, films, documents. mail etcetc) and start again.
  24. I got hacked

    You need to completely reinstall. Once you have been hacked your system is no longer safe.
  25. kde repair problems

    In most cases auto update is a not a good idea. You loose control of what gets installed and if something goed wrong troubleshooting is a pain. Better to individually update the packages you want. If something goes wrong it´s much easier to undo the damage.