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  1. There is somthing you might want to know about pclinuxos. Yes its based on mandriva. and that i not so strange when you consider who are behind it. a very big part are old mdv 3d party packagers like me that has joined together to create a distro that is pretty much what we wanted mdv to be. i still like mdv a lot not so strange since i have been a mdv user for so many years but we do add lots of major part that is developed independantly like pclos kde is actually based on mde kde that is what makes it so fast ;) and dkms drivers that i maintain most of them anyway. I really hope that both mdv and pclos can continue side by side without bashing from any side i sure had enough of that myself
  2. the msart system takes care of everything needed when upgarding kernel drivers it moves the original drivers to a backup and moves in the new ones and when uninstalling it puts the original drivers back in place so the correct procedure is to just install the dkms-alsa-driver the dkms-alsa-driver is available as rc1 and rc2 for 2007 32 bit and only as rc1 for 64 bit yet there is some problems that i havo to solve for that first
  3. I just noticed that when i was adding the rc1 rpms alsa-project was unreachable so no when i finished the rc1 rpms i noticed that rc2 was just released im updating my dkms based alsa rpms at once
  4. alsa-1.0.14 rc1 dkms based rpms for mdv 2007 added in MDE both for i586 and x86_64
  5. Hmm smart-suite brings in ksmarttray that is built against and require mde kde. So it is not a bug. But if you just want smart and smart-gui thoose 2 should not require mde-kde.
  6. alla kde-i18n locales added to mde 2007 i will add them for 2007_64 next
  7. im uploading 2 new games now sauerbraten/cube2 and alienarena-2007 to mde 2007, both are completely new for mdv just check them out here http://sauerbraten.org/ and here http://red.planetarena.org/
  8. I will add it Update. Its uploaded now
  9. I have added latest qemu-0.8.2 and dkms-kqemu pre9 And a rebuilt latest cooker webmin rpm with the qemu virtualpc module added, this makes it possible to run and administrate qemu as a remote virtual server, very much like vmware gsx server. See this link with screenshots http://www.the-labs.com/Qemu/ I have set the default work dir to /usr/share/qemu that can be changed from the module config
  10. tightvnc-1.5.0 from svn 060614 added this one contains a lot more features then the ancient mandriva version from 2003
  11. I have added some new rpms full alsa-1.0.11 suite including dkms-alsa-driver-1.0.11 to be able to update alsa for any kernel. B)
  12. New xorg-x11-6.9.0 -54 with openchrome 060513 + the new driconf patch
  13. libtxc_dxtn rpm added this one adds improved support for dri texture rendering for several games. Use driconf to set it up. Se here http://homepage.hispeed.ch/rscheidegger/dr...s3tc_index.html
  14. New xorg-x11-6.9.0 -53 added I has security fix for security fix for CVE-2006-1526 updated openchrome driver
  15. ok ill make it more clear then at distrowatch from 2004 Mandriva is number 1 from 2005 Mandriva is number 2 frrom 12 months Mandriva is number 3 from 6 months Mandriva is number 4 from 3 months Mandriva is number 4 from 30 days Mandriva is number 6 from 7 days Mandriva is number 9 compare this with suse and fedora that stays at top all the time Yes its true this is not a perfect measurement but this what is available I think this will be even more obvious the older the official release is The fact is that most desktop users wants the latest apps to upgrade with the normal users do not want to run a devel version like cooker This is exactly the reason that makes me and Ze building the latest rpms for the latest stable release.
  16. I f you use distrowatch as a indicator, this might be a sign http://distrowatch.com/index.php?dataspan=1 Mandriva is now on 9 and falling and PClinuxOS is on 5 and rising fast
  17. I am building the new -52 version right now to fix that. It was introdused by me when i added the latest cooker xorg keyb patches. I have removed them again and now all is ok again. The new rpms will be available in a few hours.
  18. New xorg-x11-6.9 -49 added that among other things fixes the problem with ati radeon dual-head regression, and adds dri supprt for even more ati radeon cards
  19. both ze and i have added lots of new stuff today so it has been a lot of updaing in repo i suggest you remove and readd repo again
  20. since we now build 64bit first then rebuild for32bit is all 64bit there already but not all 32bit yet
  21. I think i must explain a few things regarding upgrading to mde kde. Because there have been some issues with it. Start by adding all needed repositories. 1. Because mandriva updates only updates kernel source and not kernel. one have to checkl if there is akernel upgrade available and install it with mcc together with the matchinh kernel source. And then reboot into the new kernel before proceeding. 2. I would also stronly recomend that one starts with upgrading to mde xorg before anything else, also using mcc. OBS! Because urpmi cannot automatically select any needed 32bit compatibility libs that might need to be upgarded at same time, one has to chack thoos for upgrade manually in mcc) 3. After this is done should a normal urpmi --auto.select work If any warings appear it is most likely caused by some 32bit lib that is installed. We will only provide the needed 32bit compatibility libs in 64bit repo to be able to make a clean installed mandriva 64bit upgrade. If any other 32bit lib is needed one must add the 32bit repo also. We have talked with the official mandriva devs about the problem in 64bit with 32bit compatibility libs, but the only solution thay have given is how to force urpmi to only upgrade 64bit. But in my point of view that is not a solution, it is only a workaround. the real soultion is to fix urpmi to handle this. Or to use smart instead becuase smart do make theese upgrades automatically.
  22. New xorg-x11-6.9.0 -40 added Mesa-6.5.0, Drm-2.0 and openchrome from 20060309 Do not use the -40 version, there was a bad bug in this one
  23. There was a wrong move of some lib files that caused this, but it is fixed now in the latest rpms. So you should be able to uninstall the devel rpms again.
  24. I do not know what problem you had with the 1.7 driver i have been using it until today. But now i have upgraded to ndiswrapper-1.10 and also made that available both in 32bit and 64bit. I am actually running through ndiswrapper-1.10 now, in 64bit.
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