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  1. But to use all of your RAM you are best off with 64bit. i have been using 64bit versions of distro's for about 3yrs now and I have hardly any problem, after initial setup. Only software that causes concern is flash and win32 codecs but these have since been made even easier with the use of wrappers etc. You can always just install the 32bit version of something as AMD64 can run 32bit and 64bit concurrently.
  2. The best way to troubleshoot that one is to install using the urpmi on the command line, that way you may get more info back. alternatively, you can try launching MCC from a terminal and check back it installs for any verbose output that may help.
  3. Ahhh just found (through a ps ax | grep rpm) that msec was running an rmpv on a whole HEAP of packages. Took awhile and i guess thats what 'blocked' my rpm -i Never had that problem before...
  4. Really odd problem and nothing has shown up in logs. It happened today, i went to usromi mutt, i noticed it was taking forever on the "installing <package name>...." part. I mean it had been sitting there for about 10-15mins. So i killed it (CTRL+C) and tried again, same result. Tried other packages, same result. They download, but wont install. Tried just 'rpm' using the urpmi cache and same thing. I am unable to install anything. I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting this one. Thanx for reading.
  5. Yeah same problem here too. Right pain that one is.
  6. For along time now and 1-2 mandrake release updrages i have entries in my home dir corresponding with my Kmenu entries. I delete the folders and they just reappear after a reboot. Anyone have this weird "phenomenom" ??
  7. Yeah i cant make Win + E open Konqueror; khotkeys doesnt seem to accept Win + anything else. If you have a multimedia keyboard, just assign one of its many keys to openning Konqueror.
  8. Yeah same shutdown problem here 10.2 upgraded from 10.1 PS kopete doesnt work, but does it i rename ~/.kde deleted every instance of kopete configs and even did a grep for kopete in ~/.kde and deleted references to it but no difference; same URL login to server error GUI opens but cant do anything with it.
  9. I found the fix to my knotes problem. I renamed/moved ~/.kde/share/config/kresources/notes In case others have the same problem.
  10. I originally tried Slakware on my new (2nd hand) laptop (Compaq Armada M700). Most things worked except for my USB MP3 layer and a few other little things. It did however work flawlessly with the Fn+F4 press to enable VGA output display. This could be done while running at any time. Since putting on Mdk2005LE i have lost thia ability. Admittedly everyting else works great just not the Fn+F4 combo. Right now it just makes the screen flicked (like on Slack) but no picture displayed. Any ideas ? Need a 2.4 Kernel for Mdk2005LE ??
  11. [root@xpbeast root]# rpm -qa | grep kde > ~/list [root@xpbeast root]# cat list kdepim-karm-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-noatun-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kmix-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kdvi-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kiconedit-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdegames-3.4.0-4.mdk10.1.thac kdesdk-umbrello-3.4.0-9.mdk10.1.thac libkdevideo1-0.8.2-6mdk libkdepim2-kmail-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdeaddons-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdebase4-kate-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-krec-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kghostview-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-ktalk-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-kscd-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kcontrol-nsplugins-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdeaddons1-noatun-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdeaddons-konqimagegallery-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-ktnef-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdewebdev0-kommander-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdebase4-kmenuedit-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kaudiocreator-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kruler-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-juk-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-kopete-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac mandrakelinux-kde-config-file-10.2-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeadmin-lilo-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdepim2-korganizer-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdenetwork2-common-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdenetwork2-ksirc-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdenetwork2-knewsticker-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-kdict-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdewebdev-kommander-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-common-devel-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdeaddons1-konqimagegallery-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdetv-0.8.2-6mdk kdepim-korganizer-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-common-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-kuickshow-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-kpovmodeler-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-knewsticker-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kfloppy-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kuickshow-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-noatun-devel-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeaddons-noatun-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdeadmin1-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdeadmin-kpackage-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdemoreartwork-liquid-0.9.6-0.pre3.1plf libkdepim2-kpilot-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdepim2-knode-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-kmail-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kdm-config-file-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-common-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdebase4-konsole-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdeaccessibility1-kttsd-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-kghostview-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-ksim-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kedit-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kmid-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-ktimer-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kpaint-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeaccessibility-kttsd-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kgpg-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kcontrol-data-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdeedu1-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-knotes-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-knode-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdepim2-kontact-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-filesharing-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-common-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdebase4-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdegames1-3.4.0-4.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-ark-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kpovmodeler-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-klaptop-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-ksnapshot-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kdessh-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdenetwork2-filesharing-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdesdk-cervisia-3.4.0-9.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kwalletmanager-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-progs-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac libkdeaddons1-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdetoys1-kweather-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdeedu-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdepim2-ktnef-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-kpilot-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kmidi-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-common-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-kedit-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-kmix-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-kooka-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-krec-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kfax-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-mrmlsearch-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-krfb-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kooka-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kate-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-nsplugins-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdeartwork-3.4.0-8.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-servicemenu-10.1-3mdk xmms-kde-3.1-2mdk kdeadmin-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdenlive-0.2.3-9mdk libkdepim2-common-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdecore4-3.4.0-19.mdk10.1.thac libkdesdk1-cervisia-3.4.0-9.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kmenuedit-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-common-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-khexedit-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-kdeprintfax-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdeartwork-screensaver-gl-3.4.0-8.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-korn-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-klaptop-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-ksim-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-noatun-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kcharselect-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdebase-konsole-3.4.0-18.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-common-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac mandrakelinux-create-kde-mdk-menu-1.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdetoys-kweather-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdeaddons-searchbar-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac libkdevelop3-3.2.0-2.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-common-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdeaddons1-devel-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdelibs-common-3.4.0-19.mdk10.1.thac libkdeutils1-kcalc-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kcalc-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kjots-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kscd-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac libkdesdk1-3.4.0-9.mdk10.1.thac galaxy-kde-kwin-1.0.2-6mdk libkdepim2-kaddressbook-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-kontact-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdecore4-devel-3.4.0-19.mdk10.1.thac libkdenetwork2-kopete-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-ksirc-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac libkdemultimedia1-kaboodle-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-kdf-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kpdf-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdetoys-3.4.0-3.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-kaddressbook-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac kdepim-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac libkdegraphics0-common-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-common-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdeutils-ark-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdemultimedia-kaboodle-3.4.0-5.mdk10.1.thac kdenetwork-kget-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac kdegraphics-kolourpaint-3.4.0-6.mdk10.1.thac
  12. Oh i thought that update menu command was just for the Kmenu. Oh welll, i wiped it clean from my laptop and installed Mdk LE2005 with default KDE3.3.3.2 I'll get a list of RPM's off my Desktop for ya though...
  13. So anyone try the CD upgrade option ?? I am probably going to go ahead with that. Any pointers ?? (the upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1 went flawlessly)
  14. I did a fresh install of LE2005 onto my laptop. I only choose WM and didnt select KDE at all. Got thacs repositorie set up and proceeded to follow the installation order mentioned on page previous. Everything seemed to work, except Konqueror had double menus, Ksysguard still didnt work, kmix didnt have a File menu and Umbrello didnt have a File menu (which makes it real tough)
  15. Ok updated EVERYTHING to the newer kde 3.4 packages (380MB's later) and no diff I renamed the ~/.kde folder and booted in and WOW! that ~/.kde holds alot of info, cause everything looked so different. So i ploughed into the ~/.kde folder seeng if i could the problem and hopefully just renamed that specific suspect. Well i found ~/kde/share/apps/knotes and kmail renamed them and tried again, but still no go. So....what other confgs in ~/.kde could effect things like knotes and kontact ???
  16. Thanx Thacs I'll give that a shot when i get home tonight and let you know. :)
  17. I ran strace on it and here's the last part getsockopt(3, SOL_SOCKET, SO_PEERCRED, ">}\0\0\365\1\0\0\365\1\0\0", [12]) = 0 getuid32() = 501 write(3, "\1\2\1\0I\0\0\0\0\0\0\0", 12) = 12 write(3, "\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\vDCOPServer\0\0\0\0\1\0\0\0\0\25regi"..., 53) = 53 write(3, "\0\0\0\20anonymous-11092\0", 20) = 20 read(3, "\2\3\0\0028\0\0\0", 8) = 8 read(3, "\321\3\0\0", 4) = 4 read(3, "\0\0\0\vDCOPServer\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\tQCString\0"..., 56) = 56 write(3, "\1\2\1\0]\0\0\0\321\3\0\0", 12) = 12 write(3, "\0\0\0\20anonymous-11092\0\0\0\0\vDCOPServ"..., 82) = 82 write(3, "\0\0\0\7knotes\0", 11) = 11 read(3, "\2\3\0\0024\0\0\0", 8) = 8 read(3, "\321\3\0\0", 4) = 4 read(3, "\0\0\0\vDCOPServer\0\0\0\0\20anonymous-110"..., 52) = 52 write(3, "\1\2\1\0X\0\0\0\2\0\0\0", 12) = 12 write(3, "\0\0\0\20anonymous-11092\0\0\0\0\7knotes\0\0"..., 64) = 64 write(3, "\0\0\0\f/home/david\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0", 24) = 24 read(3, "\2\5\0\2#\0\0\0", 8) = 8 read(3, "\2\0\0\0", 4) = 4 read(3, "\0\0\0\7knotes\0\0\0\0\20anonymous-11092\0\0"..., 35) = 35 read(3, knotes: WARNING: Cannot execute call to system.login: empty server URL ???
  18. This is the error i get if it means anything knotes: WARNING: Cannot execute call to system.login: empty server URL
  19. updated my kdepim series (and libs) to th new kmail now works (but i dont use it) knotes (really use alot) and kaddressbook dont. Havent teated the rest.
  20. Ahhh i found it Under 10.1 of course!! lol https://www.mandrakeclub.com/user.php?op=myBittorrent
  21. Am i going blind !?? The link for 2k5 is the 10.2.rc2 torrent ??? This link here http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/torrent/Mandrak...10.2rc2.torrent ??? I started downloading that last night, i guess i better stop and start again if it got updated in that time.
  22. Thacs Do you ever sleep man ?? :) Cheers!!! PS what is the best procedure to update currently instaled KDE Thacs packages on our system ?? And do these packages contain bug fixes from aforementioned problem or jus tupdates or ??? Thanx alot Thacs!!!
  23. I have just noticed the very same problem, and I use ksysguard on a pretty regular basis, so that sucks. It can be very hard to remember the EXACT name and spelling of every proces I could concievably want to shut down, but it's all right there in kde sysguard. Any suggestions would be welcome of course. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I am using the Gnome System Monitor, works the same.
  24. The only problem i have no is Ksysguard cant "connect to localhost" and my child panel i have up the right of my screen keeps losing icon links i add to it all the time ?!?!
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