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Thac and Zé's KDE 3.4 rpms


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I installed kde 3.4 for Mandrake 10.1 this morning. No poblems except for kdepim (is dependent on kagregator and some devel packages that didn't get autoselected) and my shortcut keys settings are gone.


And there are problems with the menubars in konqueror (bookmarks is mentioned twice) and in kmenuedit ('no text!' entry).


The windeco settings were changed (textshadow on) and the colour was changed. Had to reset it.


And the konsole scheme was changed too (from white on black to black on white).


Haven't found anything serious wrong though :)

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Guest yendiswpg
update to 10.2 kde-3.4.0 version that fixes konqueror configure bug.

Thanx to José

Hopefully does Claudio recompile this fix for 10.2 today.


/Torbjörn Turpeinen (Thac)


Thac you and José are geniuses. I just installed the lates 10.2 update and from what I can see every bug I've encountered seems to be fixed now.

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http://akregator.sourceforge.net/index.php Yes an RSS reader. But not just any RSS reader: it's the best rss reader :)


Thanks devries - looks good, no doubt full of more features than I'd ever use (I'm just a headline-junkie really...)


At the risk of going OT, is there any type of feedreader that can run in a KDE desktop applet? I see loads of these things like KWeather in screenshots here, but an RSS applet is something I'd actually use...


Back On T, further props to Thac & Jose - I updated today (from your original 3.4 to yesterday's) and can't find any bugs this time. Rest assured I will be back complaining if I find any :furious3::jester:

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Guest taupter

Hello there.



Big Mandrakelinux 10.1 update!

I uploaded newest and greatest KDE 3.4.0, Amarok 1.2.3 and K3B 0.11.23. Grand total of 243 packages.




























There are some other needed packages that were uploaded too. I hope Thac will put them in the mirrors soon.

Please test and give feedback.




Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro - Brazil

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A lot happened yesterday

José made new kdebase and kdepim to 10.2

and Claudio compiled all new stuff for 10.1

and of course did i have a computer free day.

so im updating mirrors today.

All avilable now both in 10.2 and 10.1.


/Torbjörn Turpeinen (Thac)

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Guest taupter
Brazil? Is this the first result of Mandrake - Connectiva merger?


Maybe. But I'm not employed by Conectiva or Mandrake or Mandriva. Just the good old goodwill.


By the way, new kdepim-11 and smb4k-0.5.2-1, both for 10.1 and 2005. KDE is in synch in both O.S. versions.


I'm compiling Koffice-1.3.5 for 10.1 just for the sense of completeness.




Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro - Brazil

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Ok I installed it. No dependency problems, all menus look good, no missing text!, the new QT seems faster, fewer composite drawing errors. Looks good to me :)


edit: did find a problem: ksysguard can't connect to localhost. (the same goed for the prcesstable app (what startsup with ctrl-esc) )

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