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Thac and Zé's KDE 3.4 rpms


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Hey Thac,


I know you've released ATI fglrx drivers for 10.1...


How would I install the latest driver for ATi 9800 pro? I've downloaded both YOUR rpm (for 10.1) and ati's official driver... neither give me 3d acceleration


Any help I'd totally appreciate

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Hey, can you help me a bit?

Everything seems to be ok, but just this thing ->

-deleted link-

See, no icons in K-menu or Konqueror's main toolbar

oh, and no trash icon on desktop,

no icons at all


edit: ok, I fixed it. I just applied a default theme and then changed it to how my old theme looked like

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Guest drega

I've read all the threads and thought I was going to have this nailed the 1st time but it seems not. The errors I am having are posted on http://www.lordinfamous.com/~drega/kde_errors.txt , I've also attached the txt file where I've copied all errors. I'm not sure what to try now. I'm currently running 10.1 community and had all updates prior to adding the kde 3.4 source to urpmi. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


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Guest drega
Did you uninstall your previous KDE before installing the new one?

If not, I suggest you do that. If something breaks, you can always disable thac sources and reinstall KDE from MDK cd

What is the easiest way to remove all the prior kde packages installed?

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Through mcc, just enter "kde" in the search and click all, then remove

p.s. of course do that not from a KDE environment, do that from ice, or blackbox or any other window manager

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New versions of kde-3.4.0 rpms for 10.2












this update will among other things

remove all dependencys on devel packages


Claudio will rebild them for 10.1

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Wonderful! It's really good to hear, although I've already installed it on 10.1 OE

Unrelated to that, I've decided to wait for the 2006 release (autumn 2005) and skip the 10.2.


p.s. thac, big thanks for your gimp_2.2 rpm :headbang:

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Guest drega

bah! I have to be missing something stupid. I've removed all kde packages from the system, however now urpmi kdebase recieves these errors and its an endless loop. Any ideas would be appreciated before I reinstall from the disks.

Some package requested cannot be installed:

kdebase-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing kdebase-progs-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

kdebase-kdeprintfax-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing kdebase-progs-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

kdebase-progs-3.4.0-14.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to unsatisfied kdebase-servicemenu)

Continue? (Y/n)


Thanks again

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Ok, in exact steps. Login to kde however you can (drop into shell and startx, presumably). Open up a terminal.




urpme mdkkdm

urpme kdebase-kdm

urpmi mdkkdm


Reboot and everything *should* be fine. urpme is the command for uninstalling an rpm file.


Thanx alot for this :D


I was bout to pull my hair out with the login problem and then followed that.



But not other problems :(


Anyone have trouble with KSysguard and kate ??

They are i nthe kdebase-progs package and thats install becasue k3b and Konqueror etc are in it, but i cant even find a binary on my system for kate :unsure:

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