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Thac and Zé's KDE 3.4 rpms


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I have just recently found the cause of the kdm bug making it impossible to login using kdm no keyboard and such.

It is now fixed in latest versions.

It was caused by the fact the upgrading kdebase-kdm-config-file didnt replace the existsing 3.3.x config files.

This bug is present in the official kde-3.4 at the club also.

Since the fix in rpm only works on a fresh upgrade.

So if you have upgraded and have this problem you will have to unistall with

rpm -e --nodeps kdebase-kdm-config-file

as root in console after have sent init 3 to shutdown kde or reboot.

and the reinstall with

urpmi kdebase-kdm-config-file

then restart kde with init 5 or reboot.

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This is a follow up to Thacs post on the kdm3.4 login problem. I already had a second Mandriva2005-LE set up for experimenting purposes. so I decided to exactly follow his recommended procedure for deleting kdebase-kdm config-file of kde3.3 and updating with the kde3.4 version.


After successfully completing this phase I then did the rest of the kde3.4 packages and am happy to state that it is all now working well with NO logging in problems using kdm of kde3.4.


Thanks Thac. Cheers. John.

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When trying to do urpmi kdebase for me, it says, some packages cannot be installed:


kdeartwork-3.4.0-11.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing libkdebase4-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

kdebase-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing libkdebase4-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

kdebase-konsole-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing libkdebase4-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

kdebase-progs-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to missing libkdebase4-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586)

libkdebase4-3.4.0-22.mdk10.1.thac.i586 (due to unsatisfied libraw1394.so.5)



Is this going to be a problem?

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Yes it's going to be a problem. Fortunately the solution is very simply. Just setup your urpmi repositories correctly (read the faqs on this board), open a console, login as root and type: urpmi.update -a. That should be it.


PS: this is KDE for Mandrake 10.1. Are you using that?

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Nah, I'm using Mandriva LE2005 (the free version). Can I not use Thac's RPMs and should just wait for an official update to KDE? I'm currently running 3.3.2.

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