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Show off your Desktop: October


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I downloaded all of the icon themes from A.G.O but I didn't find any that I found were complete enough and just nice enough, so I'm using Noia for now.


I just started rearranging my icons in my panels, and as you can see on my desktop, I've made my ~ my Desktop.


Nothing fancy, and still searching for decent GTK2 and Metacity themes.


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I envy your widescreenedness :o  :woops:


This this my desktop at work (that's why it is not too flashy)

I use two iiyama pro 450 (that's a 19' in 1280) in xinerama on a nVidia card.

I love having two screens, it allows to write a doc while reading another.

But flat screens are easier on the eyes.


I have only a little 17'crt at homen so don't envy me too much :-)


You gnome people may not have noticied, but i'm really happy about having a custom translucent taskbar in my kde :)

That really should be a standart in kde

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]I assume you know about




BTW, when is the last time you checked your PM's? ;)

I replied to the last one you sent me. I just double-checked to make sure it was in my sent items... If I missed something, you'll have to be more blunt because I don't know the secret ways of the bvc.


Anyhow, I did look at gnome-look.org, but the way that they show off the themes annoy me... Hard to explain. That, and I just found the FTP for A.G.O. so I just used DownThemAll in FireFox to get all the stuff at once. ;)


Good (fully complete) icon themes are hard to come by.

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:o there's a reply from you in there :woops: sorry


icon themes? heh, blame that on a lazy gnome devel that won't fix stock icons being broken in themes since gnome-2.2 :furious3: ....but they can revamp the mime sys :rolleyes:

It was a perfect opportunity to fix stock icons.


gnome-look? how can you complain about themes if you won't use available resources? :deal:

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