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  1. Hello, I just got an acer travel mate 630 I've got a huge problem with ACPI, while booting, just after entering stage 5, i got a "critical temperatiure reached (17 C), systeme shutdown" After some research, i saw that others had succes with acpi on this laptop (with a gentoo). I tried a knoppix, and acpi worked fine I tryed the latest cooker, and same bug with acpi I found some doc here : http://acpi.sourceforge.net/documentation/thermal.html Seems like mandriva CRT value is way too low "The _CRT object declares the critical temperature at which OSPM must perform a critical shutdown" Do you know in wich file i can tweak this _CRT value ?
  2. Here is a part of /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the serveur. #AllowTcpForwarding yes #GatewayPorts no X11Forwarding yes #X11DisplayOffset 10 #X11UseLocalhost yes
  3. Hi, I'm trying to connect to my box with ssh -X but i don't get the graphics. I think i need some configuration tweaks for sshd, but i can't find on the web what to do. Can someone tell me ? Thanks
  4. i'm going to try his mythtv rpms soon. Thanks for the packaging !
  5. you should try to make the mandrake install from a floppy or an usb key
  6. the solution is in the wiki. dd the file all.img...
  7. From the cooker wiki, it says that now we can install from an USB key. I would prefer to use this method rather tahn burning everytime the boot.iso on a cdrw. Does anyone has info on how to do this ?
  8. hi, the system is not supposed to reboot before having copied all the files from the network to the hard-disk. Did you try to boot with noapic nolapic acpi=no ?
  9. Hello, You can try to just update your 10.0 installation into 10.1 with urpmi. Did you try to burn the "boot.iso" (10mega) image on a cdrw and then make a network install to see if it works ?
  10. i think there a program for enlightment that has two panel two. I use crusader a lot, mostly because of it's very useful "compare" tool that allows me to do easy backups (copy local to server)
  11. Everything works fine for me. kde 3.3 gnome 2.8 X.org 6.7...
  12. topdog : Could you look for me which files suse uses to get this window decoration ? I would like to use it in mdk...
  13. Thanks for detailing more my proposal of using ftp install. I come from debian, and liked the mini images for installing. Since i've discovered i can do this in Mdk too, i've nver burned full CD anymore :-) And by the way, downloading directly from the network is faster than my cdrom drive ! :-)
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