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Show off your Desktop: October


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As part of a new concept dreamed up by some nutty moderators, we decided to change the way we deal with our screenies, and add a bit of competition into it ;)


The new way works as follows.


Each Month, a new thread will be started, this month, it's Show off your Desktop: October, next it's Show off your Desktop: November and a :beer: for anyone who can guess the next month's post name.


At the end of the month the thread is locked, then the new one started. Simple.


Now the competitive part...


Competing is totally optional, and you can continue posting screenshots as always without a worry


If you do wish to enter...

During each month, a member may nominate one of their own screenshots to go into the competition. You may write the nomination into the post when you post it, by putting this text into the top of the post. The point of this text is so that the screenshot is clearly marked for entry.


[b]Nominated Screenshot[/b]


You may only nominate one screenshot.


You may change which screenshot, so long as you change it before the end of the month.


This thread replaces the Show off your Desktop.


The competition is totally optional any you may resume regular screenshot uploading as per normal :D


Each month I will browse through the thread, and pick out the nominated screenshots and put them into a special poll. This poll will consist of a post in which I will list and link to the nominated screenshots, to vote, reply with the name of the user who's screeny you want to vote for.


This poll will run for about 10 days after the end of the month, and the winner is awarded. There may be a small prize...


Good luck, and may the best eyecandy win :D :banana: :



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I like the idea of screenshots seperated by months. Better than going through page after page of screenshots looking for ideas. :)


Anyways not voting or nominating this one. Just a simple desktop of me and the wife. Helps me see her everyday while she's working 2000 miles away. :(



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Nominated Screenshot


Hi. Just like the wallpaper a lot, and would like to put some gdesklets up as soon as I find some more stuff one them in Arch. :jester:




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