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Show off your Desktop: October


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bvc you must have something to nominate :)

well I still have 2 weeks :P

but I'll give you 2 hints.....it uses these colors


and I hope I learn inkscape enough that it's svg and not png


this is what did today


which goes with the link you posted in the ubuntu thread....I don't like industrial ;)



/me can't believe I'm messing with engines :screwy:

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Nominated Screenshot


MDK10.0, KDE, running Superkaramba themes tmon_liquid (highly modified) & liquid_weather (slightly modified), transparent Konsole w/ iceWM style, Kleardock Kicker replacement, an assortment of desktop icons from various iconsets, and my very first attempt at desktop wallpaper, made in Gimp2 from a severely tweaked fractal template.


(click image for larger view)





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*runs down the page opening all the screenshots in separate tabs*

*is amazed by the awesome-ness*

*realizes they're almost all Gnome*

*gets really annoyed that I can't run Gnome because it's too slow*

*gets even more annoyed that I suck at art/design stuff*



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