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  1. Which is why it's the perfect distro! :P I'm running arch on my laptop - and it all good so far... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That comming from you phunni is a lot. I remember when you constantly had problems with Arch, things aren't always working the way you wanted the to. I remember I used to think you might be the testing pet of Linux. Everything that could go wrong goes wrong onto you.
  2. I played the original Savage and completely loved it. To me it felt like a FPS strategy game. Completely an awesome game. And to hear that the second version of it is coming to Linux is even better, I'll make sure that I buy it when it comes out.
  3. Jet2k5

    Why Java?

    It's on most Motorola phones too. It's on my phone right now and it is what I'm using to play games. It's also what powers most games on the portable phone video players like the Ngage from Nokia I believe. Java is no slow, you should maybe check your system specs. I have a laptop and nvm does java perform slow. Only on some games but I've never been able to find a fix for it. But it's no problem. It's easy to download on Linux. In fact browsers such as firefox for Linux install that plugin for you, along with Flash and others.
  4. I think that I'm better off with Hoary 32-bit. Just to be on the safe side. Then after that I can start testing out 64-bit distros. I do have a 160GB hdd :)
  5. Once again another post to ask for advice. I already got advice from #musb, and it wasn't in the nicest form. So it's time to ask those of you that are in here but not there ( #musb ). Anyhow as some of you know , I'm building a 64-bit processor based computer. I've been having a hard time choosing what distro to run. As of right now I'm downloading Mandriva LE2005. I don't know anything, and I can't seem to find anything on how it works. From my past knowledge Ubuntu 64-bit ( which I was going to try and now I'm not with that 32-bit chroot ) has a weird way of dealing with 32-bit apps. The only way you can really run them is in a 32-bit chroot mode. So I really don't want to deal with that. Now how does mandriva handle the 32-bit/64-bit apps. I know that there isn't a plugin like flash for 64-bit but you can have a 32-bit version running on a 64-bit system. I'm hoping it's something like what I've seen in gentoo. Where you have your normal 64-bit compiled programs and then the 32-bit programs that look like firefox32. And flash32. I'm hoping for something as easy as that. Something away from a 32-bit chroot mode. Also if you have it working with Cedega please tell me your steps!!!!! I have a copies of windows, just for gaming. But that is the main purpose of the machine, to run games. If I do this from windows, I have no use for Linux. So please tell me if there has been anyone that can run it , play games with out too much hassle. Thanks. P.S. All of you that have links to important info I want them! I need them! I need to be well prepared when its time to install the OS. I want an EASY distro.
  6. I haven't tried MDK2005LE so I can't comment on that. I am however using Ubuntu right now. So far it's been probably the most easiest going distro that I have tried. I have an old ATI M6 video card for my laptop and in every other distro I have had to recompile the kernel to get DRI ( DIrect Rendering ) working. Ubuntu was the first to make DRI work from out-of-the-box. I'm also in the process of building a computer, so I'm going to be using Ubuntu 64. Which I heard that can be a little hard for new people, but I can manage. I have about a year of Linux under my belt, I'm sure that I can handle a 32-bit chroot mode. So if you are worried about Ubuntu don't be, Don't turn away because of the GNOME desktop. I have KDE 3.4.2 working right now perfectly. Also before like back in ( warty ) I think, you couldn't remove the GNOME desktop because it would just fubar your system. But now I'm free of GNOME with just KDE and everthing is running extremely smooth. For any problems, there was one with the whole IPv6 and my router. I thought that something had happened to my wireless card, but it was IPv6. I forgot how I got around this, but it was some networking how-to from artic. It was what fixed my problems. So like I said It's running smooothly right now. Good Luck.
  7. Well 3.4.2 was just some bug fixes. They have been working on major implementations for quite some time now. Which should make the change big enough to change to 3.5. Remember the the last digit is mostly for bug fixes. Like the one we just had, man were those bugs nasty.
  8. Bah already talks of kd3 3.5 when I just got done downloading 3.4.2 from debian.
  9. Jet2k5


    it doesn't lack if you mean that " win32codecs" don't run on a 64-bit machine. there is no win32codecs for 64-bit machine, but you can still use the regular 32-bit ones in a chroot mode, or by forcing the arch on the .deb
  10. Jet2k5


    Seems like a lot of the games that are Linux naitive don't require Ubuntu's 32-bit chroot mode. It's just as simple as downloading the game, untaring it, and playing it. Never knew it could be this simple :) Just wonder how it would run with Cedega. If it's a must for a 32-bit chroot mode, or if I can apply the same tactics as the Naitive games.
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    Heh I don't know if that might be possible, but if so I'm so going to play Flight Combat Simulator 3. I bought that game and now I don't know where it is ... I have to go to a friends house to play it. Anyhow has anyone played with Cedega in a amd64 machine? I'm going to be using Ubuntu Hoary 64-bit and I know what you can install Cedega on it, by forcing the arch. But I don't know if you have to play the games under a 32-bit chroot mode. I was kind of hoping just to install Cedega and just install the games normally. But I hear a lot about 64-bit chroot mode and how you have to install the nvidia drivers on there, + cedega + the games. I seriously don't want to have to put up with all that just to play a darn game ;)
  12. They did now, thanks :)
  13. Thanks for the link but they don't load, can you check the links over to see what is wrong with them?
  14. no because local retailers don't include much of info on what the screen has. They just tell you basic stuff which is worthless to me. Just to get you to buy the screen.
  15. But are they good for gaming. I want a screen that is good for gaming, that's all. Ofcourse it's LCD. Just need to know what specs I need to get.
  16. So as you know I'm in the process of getting a new computer. I bought an Envision CRT Monitor and I was disappointed with the performace. The screen works fine , it's just that at the bottom of the screen the coners are pointing inward. There is no way to fix this ... and I'm not the first one to notice the problem. So I don't want to spend my money on another CRT because after buying thise one, I know that it won't fit right in my room/desk. So I need to get something that has extremely good quality and it's good for an avarage gamer like me. LCD's are improving on gaming, I just don't know what to look for. I'm hoping you guys could give me some pointers. Right now I know that for you to have a good screen you should get something that is under 16ms for gaming. So with that said I've been thinking about getting this one ... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824001171 This one has 12ms. So please please give me good advice, this was a major putdown for me. I feel like just scratching the idea of building a PC and just buying one from dell or something.
  17. I've been looking into this card myself for my new computer. If you have version 3 and greater Linux will detect it on it's own. If you have something less than version 3 you will have to set up the ndiswrapper. Right now newegg's are version 3. I've seen a couple of revies about it working with Linux natively. LIke I said version 1 & 2 are no good. Version 3 works nothing but magic. Good Luck :)
  18. Jet2k5


    BTW Soulse I think tyme does have the newest Cedega.
  19. sure forgot about the n00b way of doing things. Which is why I'm using gtweakui session :)
  20. Jet2k5


    I just saw an exact same post on the Ubuntu Forums .. I'm checking to see if I can find you a fix :(. Maybe AI has something for you
  21. Jet2k5


    Well my games are supported so I'm willing to give Cedega a try. Seems like a good deal, and the whole idea of sticking to one OS by SoulSe is great :). The truth is its a pain in the but to always boot up different OS's
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