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  1. mmm gorgeous icons bvc, great work! As for the mac icons, I have the full panther icon set lying around here somewhere. I dont think they work in vector like they do in OSX though :(
  2. Soulse, its not *that* scary :P Im sure youll live, it only scred me for the first few days, then I got over it. THEN the damn spiders started coming, god i hate them :|
  3. lookin nice HJ, what size monitor you got there? /me drools @ rez
  4. awesome wallpaper! Got a link for it? i love it
  5. Probably, but as if you could wait for it! :P I couldnt even wait for this to be released, hence I installed it in Windows. Now thats dedication!
  6. plati

    Good Gaming PC

    Yeah just fix that hard drive. In terms of the video card, the 5700 should do you fine. If you have the dosh lying around though, go for the 5900 so it will last you a bit longer. Everything seems to check out, that CPU could be overclocked easily too ;) , well, thats what I would be thinking when I bought a CPU like that!
  7. Just kidding ;) I dont see any themable features of epiphany, I personally wouldnt use it unless it was *ultra* light (eg. lighter than firefox!)
  8. ahhh ok *should* You may be right, the extra CPU grunt could help
  9. LZ: you actually understood the post? :P Im lost From what I gather, I think youre asking if it would run properly? Mine runs on medium settings at 640x480, my specs are as follows: AMD AthlonXP 2100+ (1.7Ghz)(yes I clocked it back for all those playing at home, it was running at 2.3Ghz but a few of my fans are having power supply problems for now ;) ) 512meg DDR RAM GeForce4 Ti4200 Turbo Basically, its a yes, Doom3 would run on your system :D
  10. Yeah there's a heap of optimisation guides out there from all the performance sites. Could never be bothered though, the only pak file I ever unzipped was the quake3arena one, since I was involved in a mod for it. @yoho: are you saying you can run the game smoothly at 800x600, I dont understand you exactly B)
  11. Well Ive just been playing the game in Windows aaall last night, and i can tell you it is bloody scary! and f**king awesome!!! I couldnt wait for the linux version, just had to install on WXP. Ive got a 1.8Ghz AMD, GF4 Ti4200 and it just runs on low quality settings at 640x480 rez. But damn its smooth This game *is* the next evolution in gaming, they call it love ;)
  12. Ive got a 128meg GF4 so Im looking forward to the slideshow too :D Might have to have a fiddle around with my fan bus, install a bigger HSF on the video card and clock her up a bit more. Its really good what id are doing with the scalable graphics and all. This feature really worked in Far Cry (keeping my fps smooth and constant_ and I expect it to work for Doom3 as well, since Carmack has so much more experience.
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