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    Apache2 notice

    This message is spam, designed to trap Windows users into installing malware. My ISP has issued a warning that there are variations that masquerade as coming from ISP "customer support" sites. Jim
  2. You don't need to burn those files. The first two are for checking the integrity of the .iso file that you downloaded using alternative methods. The third is a list of the contents of the CD. There are Windows programs that can perform the integrity check. An easy one to use is md5summer. Google will find it. IIRC the web site includes a useful Help page. Jim
  3. jkerr82508


    Are you referring to packages like this: libkdebase4-konsole-3.5.6-34.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm? There are several of them with that sort of numbering. I can't explain the significance of the "4" in the name, but it looks to me like a KDE 3.5.6 package. Perhaps Adam W. will clarify. The KDE4 packages in contrib, I think, carry a version number 3.80 Jim
  4. The short answer is that you just do it, but since you're obviously having a problem of some kind, you need to give a little more information for anyone to help. What are you trying to accomplish and what tools are you using to do it? It's rarely wise to run a linux installation without a swap partition Jim
  5. You may also want to go to: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=2169 Click on your version number. You may find some useful tips on installation and usage. I find that it's a good idea to check out the appDB at winehq before trying to install an application under wine. Jim
  6. It will probably make no difference in practice, but I would recommend putting a "setup.exe" type file in ~/.wine/drive_c. (On a Windows system one would not usually place a setup.exe in the \windows folder.) If it's a program executable (although Windows programs rarely come as a single executable), I'd put it in a new folder in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files. These correspond with normal Windows usage and could be what the program (or the setup program) expects. Jim
  7. If there is going to be a Mandriva rpm for 2007.1, I would expect it to be in /contrib or /backports. I don't see it there yet, but I may have missed it. Jim
  8. So far as I'm aware there isn't a specific Mandriva mscorefonts package. If you have a Windows installation you can import them using drakfont. If you don't have a Windows installation try here: http://freshmeat.net/projects/msfonts/ Jim
  9. 2006 was released early in October 2005. The last official update was in April 2007. This page may be of interest: http://www.mandriva.com/en/security/productlifetime Jim
  10. The Azureus GUI refers to those who do not have the whole file as "peers". I prefer that description. Leech implies (to me at least) something rather unpleasant. I think some bittorrent clients restrict the download speed if you are not uploading in a "fair" way. I have no idea what rules they apply in doing this, but they probably vary from one client to another. Jim
  11. /usr/bin/locate and /usr/bin/updatedb are the executables that are included in the mlocate package. Jim
  12. But if you're using a dkms-* package (e.g. for proprietary video drivers) you must also install the corresponding kernel-source-stripped package, so that dkms can rebuild the required module(s) when re-booting into the new kernel. In order to make this automatic you need to install the kernel-source-stripped-latest package. Jim
  13. The only way to enable a server running on a vbox guest to accept external connections is to set up bridged networking. (The bridge is between two network cards - the real one on the host and the virtual one on the guest.) The vbox manual includes a section on bridged networking. You may also find additional information in some of the other threads in this forum. Jim
  14. I have the powerpack DVD, but I think you should see a directory /i586 and a file called release-notes.txt. The Boot sector of the DVD is not browsable in a file manager, like Explorer, just as the MBR of your hard drive is not browsable. Jim
  15. You don't say what hardware you're using, but if you currently have a kernel-source-stripped package installed, you may need to install the 2.6.17-14 version of that package also. Jim Scratch this. You seem to have two threads going on this subject! Jim
  16. I'm not sure if it'll help with your problem, but it's usually a good idea to install the latest kernel version. I think you'll find that 2.6.17-14 is available. Jim
  17. See this link: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Releases/Mandr...splay_correctly Jim
  18. I think the kernel-source-stripped package (for your current running kernel) will do (item 2 on your list), if you have limited drive space or bandwidth. Jim
  19. I believe that you need the dkms-virtualbox package and also the kernel-source-stripped package for your current running kernel. Do you have these installed? Jim
  20. I think you have to subscribe to a Usenet service that offers the group that you're interested in. Then use Settings -> Configure Knode to set up your account. (I may be wrong, but I've always thought that Yahoo and Google require you to use a web interface to access your accounts on their services.) A search for "news servers" should bring up a list of possibilities (both free and paid for). Jim
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