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    How to configure GRUB so that Windows will boot automatically instead of Linux? [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  2. What command takes me to the graphical interface when I'm in verbose mode? Thanks!
  3. Aul

    Windows and Linux

    How can I make Windows boot, not Linux when I start my computer? I mean without pressing any key when the starting menu opens.
  4. Thanks! I reviewed it and noticed that the first step I did wrong was that I didn't select free space option. I also have Windows on the same hard drive on the first partition, so I was afraid that if I would select that option, it would delete everything. Is that correct? Should I still choose that option assuming that it will let me choose a correct partition before it starts formatting?
  5. Thanks, guys! I got the DVD burned and tried to start installing. Before that I created a 27 GB partition for Linux. I don't know if that's not enough or what, but I can't get it installed. Maybe I am selecting something wrong during the installation process. Is there any step-by-step tutorial that would help me through the installation?
  6. Thanks, Jim! You are right. These two things are the only things I can see. That's why I thought something was wrong with the image.
  7. Yes, I downloaded that .iso from that site, but there is no such directory as boot/ on it. It doesn't look like it's a bootable image.
  8. Would you please tell me what files/folders do you see in root directory when you explore your DVD? I need to know if I have a right image file. Thanks!
  9. Aul


    Does anyone know if Linux has any voice-recognition software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking is for Windows?
  10. So, do I need to make a copy directly from that image file? When I look into that it shows that there are only a folder named i586 and a file named release-notes.txt in the root directory. Is that really a bootable image file?
  11. Hello, I downloaded Mandriva 2007 Spring from Mandriva.com, but I can't install it. I run installation file under Windows XP, the installation screen opens, but no links can be clicked on it. What should I do? It's the first time I have ever tried to installed Linux, so please help me through the installation process step-by-step. Thank you in advance! Aul
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