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  1. He's using 2010 just like me, so the repo's are no option. I think unpack the tar.bz2 en place the content in usr/lib/firefox
  2. I got the same error with firefox on Mandy 2010 (MCNLive), do you have a link for firefox 17 (tar.bz2) so in the meantime i can keep using firefox on my netbook
  3. Download the chrome browser, by easyurpmi activate the sources of 2010.2 or 2011. Deactivate the sources of 2010, install the downloaded chrome and the deps should be installed also Activate the 2010 sources again and de-activate the others
  4. Thanks, it's clear i don't gone miss it
  5. I've trying to get the source of restricted (updates) for 2010.2 and get the error hat there is no metadata found for medium restricted. Anyone knowing more about it.
  6. willie


    Also tried the RC on my desktop pc, all i got was a black screen with a cursor that can move and that's it The graphic card is a Nvidia FX5200 and the mobo a VIA K8M800, nothing special. Mageia 1 worked well on this pc
  7. How did you generate a application link on th desktop
  8. Click right on the icon, choose properties Click left on the icon Choose other icons Search for the folder where you extract the tar and then find firefox/icons and double-click on mozicon128.png Then oke, oke, oke, oke untill the properties screen is closed. Some names could be different on your system, i've a dutch Mandriva version
  9. Mandriva 2011 i never used it, i use MCNLive based on 2010 and it's stable. I only hope that Mageia with Mageia 2 still fits on a Cd
  10. Lets hope that is not going to happen, i'm wondering what happens to Mageia it's based on Mandriva. Just like PCLos.
  11. Normaly i install only from MCC but in this case i had to do it this way. Why copy it in /usr/lib, simple this is where firefox install itself and all the users can use firefox 8 In /home you can't But as Ian say put the tar in /home extract it and make a shortcut
  12. AussieJohn is right normaly you install by MCC, but in my case i'm running MCNLive Kris which is based on Mandriva 2010 and have Firefox 3.6 as latest. I downloaded firefox 8.?.tar.gz and extract it in /home, got root renamed the old firefox folder and copied the new one in /usr/lib Removed the old entry in startmenu and made a new one So there is no script used Need more info send a pb
  13. I'm running 2010 and downloaded the firefox 8.0 as tar unpacked it and put the map firefox in /usr/lib made a new entry in the startmenu and it works
  14. I have a aspireone 110 with a 8,9 inch screen and use it for anything. I use openoffice, the gimp, scribus, watching video, playing music, internet, etc It's running with KDE from 2 micro usb-sticks (ssd died) 512 mb intern and the speed is good, don't run 3 programms the same time. For havy photo editing and that kind of stuff it's no good. But for normal work it's enough. My daughter hase a samsung with 10 inch and 1 gyg memory 250 gyg hd, she use it for here studie on the university and is very pleased with it.
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