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  1. One of the members of http://www.mandrivaclub.pl forums reported a very strange issue with Catalyst Drivers installation process. After taking care of all the necessary requirements and running the installation script of the drivers provided by AMD/ATI, it gave her some errors in the console ================================================== ATI Technologies Linux Driver Installer/Packager ================================================== Detected configuration: Architecture: i686 (32-bit) X Server: X.Org 7.1 and later releases DKMS part of installation failed. Please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.C19203 The /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log showed only Errors during DKMS module removal Errors during DKMS module removal [Error] Kernel Module : Failed to add fglrx-8.501 to DKMS None of us was able to find a solution. Googling haven't been of much help either this time, as it gave back only two results, of which one website is in Russian, and the other in Spanish, I guess... Did anyone ran onto a similar problem? What could be wrong?
  2. Well, I got plenty of fonts on my system, and they are working perfectly in Opera or Konqueror. Why should I install more of them? My favorite are Liberation fonts and I set them to be default also in Firefox. Maybe they don't work as they should be in this browser. I'll try to use different fonts then. EDIT: It got better after I changed proportional font, in Firefox fonts settings, to be sans-serif instead of serif. But it's still far for perfect :unsure:
  3. I'm recently using Firefox and have some problems with fonts. In fact on some (but not all) web pages (i.e. on this forum) they are very small. Here are my font settings in Firefox I don't have such problems when using Opera. I also don't want to use msfonts, as the native work perfectly in my system and other browsers. Couldn't find any solution on this board. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. Yea, I noticed that... I thought rather about Con Kolivas' patches. The newest is for 2.6.22 and I wanted it for 2.6.24 which will be out probably till the end of the week.
  5. The second option. The only thing I didn't remove before installing 1.4 was ~/.etqwcl/ folder.
  6. Unfortunately after applying the new patch (ver. 1.4) I'm not able to run the game at all :sad:
  7. And what about the up-coming 2.6.24 kernel?
  8. I managed to resolve my problem with a little help :) The key to this solution was the discovery that my SWAP partition haven't been mounted automatically with other partitions, and so Mandriva didn't see it (hence free -m command was showing Swap: 0 0 0, and my SuperKaramba monitor 0 of 0 MB). After I mounted SWAP manually in the MCC, finally system started to show the correct information [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1011 630 381 0 32 215 -/+ buffers/cache: 381 629 Swap: 1019 0 1019 [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ cat /proc/swaps Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/sda5 partition 1044184 224 -1 That was until reboot. The problem was in my /etc/fstab, where I had following entry regarding SWAP LABEL=swap swap swap defaults 0 0 but SWAP don't have a label on my system... Problem was solved when I changed this entry to /dev/sda5 swap swap defaults 0 0
  9. On my Mandriva 2008.0 KDE 3.5.8 I also noticed that system doesn't ever use SWAP, or maybe something is wrong with the monitoring? [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1011 996 15 0 31 564 -/+ buffers/cache: 400 611 Swap: 0 0 0 I'm also curious why every SuperKaramba theme I used never showed any SWAP usage. And what happened to 13 MB of my RAM (I have 1024 MB and Mandriva sees only 1011...)?
  10. I get this message when trying to access mentioned IRC channel Maybe I'll try the mailing list... EDIT: O.K., I got the list of patches for my kernel :D If someone is interested, it's here.
  11. Where can I ask those questions? Is there an IRC channel or something? Maybe someone on this board know the answers :)
  12. Recently I'm interested in my system's throughput and fast start. I did a bootchart test and optimized the boot process. Now it's time to face the heart of every OS - the kernel :D Firstly just wanted to say I'm not a geek, but I like to read and learn ;) I did some research and search across the web and found some articles in Polish and English about making system kernel smaller, faster and preemptible. After collecting some knowledge I decided to recompile Mandriva's standard kernel, which in my case is [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ uname -r I'm not familiar with every option in the kernel config (who is???), but managed to recognize many and disable some of which I know will never be useful on my rig. Then I found, that there are some patches, like realtime-preempt. Before I try to apply one of them I wanted to know if: 1. Is it safe on Mandriva's kernels? I read somewhere that Mandriva and other user friendly distros have heavily patched kernels already and another patch may result in unstable kernel or even on one that would not compile at all. 2. Which patch from the page linked above is suitable for my kernel? 3. Which patches Mandriva's developers use to patch the kernel? Maybe some of them are crucial to its stability and security, so I wanted to know before I try to play with the kernel. Thx in advance for all responses :)
  13. Got it, thanks much :) It installed without problems but I don't know how to use it :blush: When I click on a channel I get this
  14. Yes, I would like to try it. Hopefully it'll work on my system too :)
  15. The script don't need to be installed, just copied to /usr/local/bin (or started from it's original folder). Then, according to my knowledge, I only need to do two things: 1. Run in console sp-sc sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/6098 3908 8908 > /dev/null & where 6098 is an example of channel number, 3908 is an example for local port, and 8908 - an example of program's port. 2. Run in my favorite player http://localhost:8908/tv.asf and that's all. Unfortunately it don't work on my system. BTW, I've unlocked those ports in Firestarter. Below is an example of the console output of running a channel in MPlayer, which I know is active at the moment: [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ sp-sc sop://broker1.sopcast.com:3912/26119 3908 8908 > /dev/null & [1] 7904 [zibi1981@localhost ~]$ mplayer http://localhost:8908/tv.asf MPlayer 1.0-1.rc1.20plf2008.0-4.2.1 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team CPU: AMD Athlon(TM) XP 3200+ (Family: 6, Model: 10, Stepping: 0) CPUflags: MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 1 3DNow2: 1 SSE: 1 SSE2: 0 Compiled with runtime CPU detection. 98 audio & 216 video codecs mplayer: could not connect to socket mplayer: No such file or directory Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control. Playing http://localhost:8908/tv.asf. Resolving localhost for AF_INET6... Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6: localhost Resolving localhost for AF_INET... Connecting to server localhost[]: 8908... connect error: Connection refused STREAM_ASF, URL: http://localhost:8908/tv.asf Resolving localhost for AF_INET6... Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6: localhost Resolving localhost for AF_INET... Connecting to server localhost[]: 8908... connect error: Connection refused Failed, exiting. Resolving localhost for AF_INET6... Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6: localhost Resolving localhost for AF_INET... Connecting to server localhost[]: 8908... connect error: Connection refused File not found: 'localhost:8908/tv.asf' Failed to open http://localhost:8908/tv.asf. Exiting... (End of file) [1]+ Exit 152 sp-sc sop://broker1.sopcast.com:3912/26119 3908 8908 > /dev/null Finally I have to say I can watch TV via MPlayer or Kaffeine when using TVUPlayer or TVAnts via Wine, but I would prefer to use native Linux application.
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