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  1. When will the non-obsoleted version be available ??? :)
  2. I have found this site real helpful for dual booting Linux with either Vista or XP: http://apcmag.com/node/5162/
  3. Well, the results of that study is finally out and the result? Yup, you're spending more $$$ on utilities because of the new DST changes. That's the government for you. :D
  4. Sure, like I viewed that link and it status nothing that was in my original question.
  5. I'm currently using Mandriva 2007.1 with a SMC 2632W wireless pcmcia card. What I am finding is that the connection to the network is real low. My wireless access point is not more than 30 ft from my laptop and the light on the card flashes when it can't connect to the internet. Once the connection drops, Mandriva pops up a little note in the bottom right stating that the network connection was lost. The light then indicates a connection, but the network monitor does not change to say that it has re-connected. I have to manually go in an reconfigure the network before I can re-use the connection. This happens every time I use the network. I would like to try a different wireless pcmcia card and I was looking at getting the D-Link DWL-G630 which handles 802.11g/b. It'll be good for 802.11b until I can upgrade my wireless router to 802.11b. Will this card work with Mandriva 2007.1?? Also, will the OS see the new card and install drivers for it or do I need to manually uninstall the SMC drivers and install the D-Link drivers (I don't even know if this is supported or not). ????? Thanks!
  6. I installed the vmware-any-any-upgradexxx.tar.gz and ran the config.pl. This time it worked! I was able to install winxp and use the network! :) Thank you!
  7. Okay, I'll give it try this evening when I'm home. I appreciate your assistance! :D
  8. I do have the kernel-source installed. That's the funny part. What does the vmware-any-any-update110.tar.gz do anyway? I did download it and the form states that this is for upgrades? I'm not upgrading, I'm trying to install new. This is the reason so many people don't like linux and still with windows. If its not right out of the box, forget it.
  9. I've downloaded and installed VMWare-Server with no issues. The only issue I have is when I run the vmware-config.pl script when it tries to find the version.h file. I point it to /usr/src/linux, but it says it can't find it. I did find a version.h file in /usr/src/linux/linux/vcb (somthing like that anyway) and it says that it can't find a directory linux with the file version.h in it (e.g. linux/version.h). It also says something about doing a make mrproper when building a kernel and it removing files that would cause the version.h to me missing. Why do I have to build the kernel? The kernel is running just fine the way it is.
  10. Ah, Okay. I do have a Windows XP VMware image that I can try to see how VMWare handles it. Thanks for the info!
  11. Network not working in Virtual machine. I'm currently using Mandriva LInux 2007 Spring with kernel- and VirtualBox-1.3.8_mdv2007.1-1. I setup Windows XP SP1 in a Virtual Machine with the following Network configuration: [x] Enable Network Adapter (plug it into the corresponding slot) Attached to MAC Address NAT 080027ABC472 [x] Cabel Connected The network cannot connect to the internet when inside the virtual machine. Obviously, I can connect to the internet in Linux with no problems. I have a SMC 2632W Wireless PCMCIA card in a Dell 9100 inspiron. When in Windows XP, I can issue an ipconfig command and my adapter is empty with an address of Any ideas or where I can look to help solve this issue?
  12. Here are the kernel packages you need to have installed to make virtualbox work. If you have others, then remove them: # rpm -qa | grep kernel kernel- kernel-latest-2.6.17-14mdv nvidia97xx-kernel-2.6.17-13mdv-9755-1mdk kernel-source- kernel-source-latest-2.6.17-14mdv Ignore the nvidia97xx-kernel-2.6.17-13mdv-9755-1mdk package. This will be different. Its a video driver interface with the kernel package. I hope this helps.
  13. Definitely a happy camper today. I was able to get my printing, dvd, and virtualbox issues resolved last night. Its great to have these message boards! :D
  14. By removing iocharset=utf8, It now reads ALL dvd's :) Thank you.
  15. I found this out on the internet this evening since all the other suggestions didn't work: I then looked in the /etc/printcap file and modified the following line that cups put in there: hp|HP Laserjet 1200:rm=localhost:rp=hp: to hp|HP Laserjet 1200:rm= Prints beautifully! :)
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