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  1. Fortunately I do, because I use Linux in 9 years ;) It was only a repository problem. I forgot to try another repositories first. I also added easyurpmi repositories and official, but the officials I used weren't the best. Sorry again.
  2. That's weird, then. My girlfriend installed Mandriva 2008.0, with official repositories, and the last version there is What's the repository for your firefox ? Thanks for the answers. EDIT: I found out what's wrong. The official repositories she was using are portuguese mirrors, which aren't as updated as other mirrors, as I found out. I changed it to French ones, rpmfind.net, and it updated Firefox to and other programs also. I'll try other repositories, because rpmfind.net sometimes is full of users and it can't work correctly, but at least I found and solved the problem. Thanks for your help. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. That process must be very slow. Mandriva 2008.0 has Firefox, is out now. 3 versions of difference, waiting for approval. i bleieve that QA process is no justification for this delay in firefox updates in Mandriva repositories...
  4. Is there any rpm or repository for Mandriva 2008.0? I haven't found any repository for Firefox, for Mandriva 2008.0 or older versions... Is there any? Thanks
  5. If you try that in Kickoff Menu Mode the button doesn't change, only in KDE Menu Mode. The solution referred before worked.
  6. sjaglin, that worked great :D :D Thanks a lot.
  7. I know that, but I don't want to resize kicker, just the button! After doing all that I said, the button has the same size than after the installation, but with no text, the only thing that worked after reading every single menu issue posts on this forum... I evene tried to change the image, but it only changes KDE Button, not Mandriva Button... And KDE Button doesn't shows with Kickoff Menu Style, just KDE Menu Style. If I change to KDE Menu Button, the same Kickoff button shows up. Sorry if my english isn't good. Thanks
  8. I'm using the Kickoff Menu Style and I got the text removed, but the button still's big... I added the "KMenuButtonScale=false" and it doesn't work... Can anybody help please? I'm using Mandriva One 2008.0. Thanks
  9. You're right :) gtk-qt-engine wasn't installed. I installed it, checked GTK Styles in KDE Control Center and now it's correct, all blue :) Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi there! I'm using Mandriva 2007 One KDE, I've changed the theme into blue, but Azureus still has orange scrollbars... Does anybody know how to change its color? Thanks a lot. [moved from Software by spinynorman] EDIT: I'm sorry, but I've seen that MPlayer videos on the browser also have the scrollbar orange, but most applications have it blue, as I wanted. I've checked everywhere, can't see orange on any colors, styles or themes... does anybody knows how to solve this? Thanks and sorry for posting this on a wrong location of the forum...
  11. ianw1974, thanks for your answer. I know Mandriva repositories include OpenOffice, but it's version 2.1. I just would like to find a repo for version 2.2.1 and future versions. I already installed it manually and it works great. Thanks
  12. Hi there! I would like to know if there is any repository for OpenOffice.Org 2.2.1 (and newer, when it comes out), or if the only way to install latest OpenOffice versions is by the official release RPM's ? I know how to install it by the official RPM's, it's how I got it, but I would like to use a Mandriva version... By the way, I use Mandriva 2007.1 Spring KDE. Thanks a lot :)
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