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  1. So I tried using kppp but all I got was a modem busy reply
  2. Aloha all I just go a new droid x and I am trying to figure out how to connect to the internet through the usb tethering available with the droidx. Any ideas? Kili
  3. So that did it. How do I find out what driver I need? It seemed that the one I had before was correct.
  4. So when I type "startx" it prints something on the screen, but it goes blank so fast I can't read it.
  5. Aloha Somebody gave me a Toshiba Tecra m2v-s330, 1.5 GHz http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/product/pdf_files/detailed_specs/tecra_M2V.pdf I tried installing spring 2009, and it seemed to go fine, but when I try to reboot, I get the first splash screen with the penguin and status bar, then it goes to verbose and then I just get "_" and it stops. It never even get to the login. Any ideas? kili OK, so I tied to boot in safe mode and got the command line screen. I tried to open nautilus and it said it couldn't display it, so I tried to run display and it said the x sever wasn't working.
  6. OK, so I installed the 32 bit version of Mandriva and I get the same result as above with the 64 bit version.
  7. I downloaded the Driver_XP_5719_033 file, which is 64 bit XP. The problem is that it doesn't seem like the operating system even recognizes that there is a wireless card.
  8. I'm sorry, I thought I did answer you. I am using 64 bit, and I found an xp 64 bit driver and I posted the results above, from when I tried to us the ndiswrapper.
  9. So it seems like it doesn't even recognize that there is a wireless device. When ever I try to use ndiswrapper it says that there is a missing component, and when I use the device manager it doesn't show a wireless device. It just shows "device 8192" under the heading ethernet card Any ideas on what to do next? kili
  10. So I downloaded a driver from here:http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=6&PFid=6&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false When I tried to install it I got this reply: "No device supporting net rtlx ndiswrapper driver is present" I clicked OK and this came up next: "Some components (Windows Driver) are required but not available for this ndiswrapper hardware. The required files can also be installed from this URL. http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/List" I checked this out and there was nothing to download for my card just this:http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Realtek_RTL8180 If I am doing something wrong please let me know.
  11. What is I am using 64 bit?
  12. [kili@localhost ~]$ lspcidrake -v | egrep -i 'network|wireless'r8169 : Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.|RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller [NETWORK_ETHERNET] (vendor:10ec device:8136 subv:1179 subd:ff1e) unknown : Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.|Device 8192 [NETWORK_OTHER] (vendor:10ec device:8192 subv:10ec subd:8181) I have no idea what any of this means
  13. Aloha Everyone I just bought a new toshiba A505d and I am having problems with the sound. First it isn't very loud, and then it cuts out after a few minutes. I installed aumix and it is turned to full, no difference. any ideas? kili [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  14. Aloha Everyone I just installed 2009.1 on my new Toshiba Satelite: http://laptops.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/A500/A505D-S6968 So I'm not sure if I found the correct driver and if it is than I can't seem to get it to work. When I look at the hardware, it doesn't even show m wireless card. I know it is there, because I used it before I installed Mandrake. [moved from Networking by Greg2]
  15. How in the hell do I turn off the autocomplete in OpenOffice? I won't be paying attention and it will complete a word in some bizarre way and I won't notice. I have spent about 2 hours going through all of the menus and the help is as useful as a second ass-hole.
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