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    Axene Office

    Well I won't hold you back. Just learning should be made with small steps IMHO. Here you need to compile everything and not just Xclamation. The README file inside the Xinstall-v201.src.tar.gz package refers to binary installation so it's useless. IMO before compiling Xclamation you should compile Axene SDK because it's very likely that Xclamation depends on it. The normal way of compiling from source under Linux. 1. Unpack the package: tar xvfz [i]<packagename>.tar.gz[/i] 2. Step in to the directory and run the configure script which is a command line utility which detects that everything is in your machine that is needed for compilation process. cd [I]<dirname>[/I] ./configure 3. Run make this is the real compilation process. Can take some time depending on your machine and the source you are compiling. make If there are no error messages the proceed to the next step. 4. Become root, issue make install which copies every file to its place. su [I]<enter the root's password>[/I] make install That should be it.
  2. dexter11

    KDE 3.4.2

    Slightly offtopic: thac do you still make rpms for Mandriva or not? If you do, maybe you should delete the "I won't make Mandriva packages from now on" sentence.
  3. dexter11

    Axene Office

    Installation instructions should be inside the package. But compiling from source is not suggested for newbies. If you try it anyway, give us a link to the download location and someone will surely help. edit I looked at the axene website and according to that there should be an install.sh for text mode installation and a XInstall file for graphic mode installation. It doesn't even mention source code. None of the download links work for me though.
  4. Aluminium membership is free but Mandriva online isn't.
  5. You can use the --no-verify-rpm option at the command line which deactivates rpm signature checking. Note that it is a security risk if someone altered that package. But since I have seen that message myself a lot of times it's likely just the package managers bug. So the command is urpmi --no-verify-rpm mozilla-thunderbird
  6. Part two of the article is here.
  7. dexter11


    Run those games from a console and post the messages here. Videocard drivers depend on what type of GPU your video card is using. Basically there are two main GPU manufacturers ATI and nVIDIA. Both make Linux drivers but ATI Linux drivers are said to be crappy. Of course for 3D games (like tuxracer) you have to install the driver first if you haven't done yet.
  8. Some of the demos can be found in GamesKnoppix. If somebody wants to try.
  9. After reading kerneltrap I got the idea that one can use the name Linux to whatever distro/software etc. even for commercial purposes. But if he want the name to be unique so no more distro/software etc. has the same name, he has to trademark it. If he wants the word Linux to be included in the distro/software etc. trademarked name then he has to sublicense the Linux trademark. So paying for using the word Linux for everyone is totally out of the question. One more thing as Linus wrote the sublicensing costs different to persons and companies so that 5000$ is just a made up number.
  10. I've found it. Basically this is the membership you can write in the club forum. Nothing else, but it's free. dexter11 - a proud aluminium club member.
  11. It's a FUD. The name Linux is only trademarked because a guy called William R. Della Croce trademarked it and wanted 10% after every commercial distro in 1995. The trademark has been returned to Linus in 1997 and he is the owner since then. He will not charge for using the name Linux. He never did and I think he never will. Because compannies would simply stop using it. About the MS Linux distro. Sorry to disappoint you steppenwolf but MS could release their Linux distro anytime they want just like everybody else. They are not doing it cause it's no busines for them.
  12. Never heard of it until now. How can I get it?
  13. Open a shell (or terminal, konsole in KDE or just click on a monitor icon). That should bring up a command prompt. Type in the program name, pypanel in this case, press ENTER and the program should start or print out some error messages.
  14. In Linux executables are usually installed to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin, if you install from package of course.
  15. Did you reinstall both times? As we said before cooker is the development branch so it's (very) unstable. If you install from cooker it also installs the currently unstable dependencies. If you installed the SOS GNOME over this, some dependency may stayed there. So either reinstall again and then install SOS GNOME, or try Mandriva 2006 beta1 if you feel brave.
  16. Don't know about it, but being too ehm.. "proud" doesn't mean that his packages are useless. Anyway GNOME 2.10 is there ERD just need to try it.
  17. i have read that several times now in different forums and still, it is unclear to me what people define as "linux feeling". is that something like "it is only for geeks and complicated and that is cool because it makes me feel superior to others" or what? :unsure: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It simply gives the feeling of being in a community. Well like it or not the Mandriva website could use some reorganizing. It's a mess. But apart from that I meant on "Linux feeling" that you can write to the forums, read their blogs, vote on some things about the distro like what the default look should be, and there's probably a lot more. Something like that.
  18. I can't stand to stay out of this. Briefly I don't care about the commercials until they are so easily removable like now. What Mandriva really lacks is the Linux feeling (I don't know if Steppenwolf called that "too corporate"). Mandriva could be more open without loosing a dime.
  19. If you want GNOME 2.10 and you are inexperienced then you should try unofficial Mandriva repositories like thac or SOS (Seer Of Souls). Still better than messing with cooker.
  20. You mean that self-extracting exe file? If yes then try the zip file instead.
  21. You have to do it with every file type you want to use mplayer with.
  22. dexter11

    Guild wars

    That's not a file (CVS not the cvschroot file. The cvschroot script is for only syncing your tree with their I think), that's the complete development source code. You have to click on the "I Agree" button on the bottom of the page. Then you can download the source code using the commands after this sentence: .BUT unless you are a programmer I don't recommend you to mess with compiling development source code.
  23. You need the Linux driver cause it's Mandriva (not Mandrake anymore) Linux. The other one is for FreeBSD systems. You can delete it. Next time please be more specific. Noone can help you if you just write "I was unable to do it". So please write what you did exatly. If something goes wrong post error messages.The kernel source version must match with the version of the kernel you are using. The version of the kernel source is in this case kernel-source-2.6-2.6.11-6mdk. To see what version of kernel you are using type uname -r in the command line. Here's a detailed tutorial for nvidia driver installs: Mandraketips.4.free
  24. dexter11

    Guild wars

    AFAIK wine does not have directx support. You have to patch wine with a directx patch and recompile it (not for newbies) or use cedega which is the commercial wine variant with directx.
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